Top Things to Remember When Building Your Dream Home


Back in 2018, homeowners in the U.S. stayed, on average, for around 13.3 years in their homes. In cities, the homeownership’s median duration is shorter than the national average as city dwellers tend to move around more frequently and in shorter bursts. Denver City homeowners, for example, stayed for around 9.7 years while those in Houston lived in their homes for 12.5 years on average.

If you’re the type of person who wants to build and live in only one home for the rest of your lifetime, then constructing it in a dream home fashion is the best way to go. But, just how do you build a home that’s meant to last?

Take a quick read of these five considerations when building a dream home:

  1. Location is everything. One of the top things to consider when planning for your dream home is where you’ll build it in the first place. Keep in mind that the idea of a dream home is it must be permanent — which means that messing up on your choice of location is not an option. When scouting for a possible build spot, consider its proximity to hospitals, public transport, schools, church, shopping areas, and your place of work. Also, be mindful of the neighborhood plus the geohazards nearby such as a fault or if the area is located in a flood-prone zone.
  2. A great designer and builder. Who gets to design and build your dream home are also among the factors that you have to weigh in. First, you should hire someone who’s an expert in architectural home design so you can be sure that the home is designed smartly. Also, tap a reliable and skilled contractor to follow what’s in the approved design and within the budget you set. By hiring professionals to design and build your home, you’re essentially ensuring that it will last for decades and will be a place where you can raise your family in relative comfort and safety.
  3. Mind your curb. Curb appeal is a term used extensively by real estate developers and sales agents to describe the visual appeal of a property to potential buyers. But since selling your home is not a question, curb appeal would only refer to just how attractive your dream home would look from the outside. There are plenty of ways to get a killer curb appeal, such as having a gorgeous entryway or main door, a landscaped lawn, and a paint scheme that makes the exteriors pop.
  4. Go as green as possible. The concept of ‘green’ or sustainable architecture may not be that mainstream, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t pack a lot of value propositions, especially when applied to the plan of a dream home. You can achieve this by incorporating as many eco-friendly features as possible, such as a solar power system, energy-efficient lighting and appliances, and proper building orientation. You can also include a rainwater harvesting facility and a greywater recycling system to make things really sustainable. Finally, use as much recycled or natural materials as possible so your home will have a really low carbon footprint.
  5. Get creature comforts. No one wants to live long in a home that lacks proper ventilation and heating, as well as furniture and appliances that make daily life comfortable and efficient. As such, be sure to allocate funds for as many creature comforts as possible for your dream home. These include a fireplace, excellent HVAC system, nice beddings, and smart appliances or devices, among others. Remember that you’re in the home for a lifetime so be sure not to scrimp on such features.

Just heed these five things and you won’t go wrong in building the home of your dreams.

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