Project Wellness: Improving the House to Achieve a Healthier Living Space

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Homeowners often focus on home improvements that will improve their homes’ aesthetics, value, and comfort. They want the house to look good, feel good, and maintain, if not increase its value. While these are all great reasons to invest in your home, you should also prioritize your family’s health. Improving your living space with health and wellness in mind can contribute to a better quality of life. Aside from the usual home improvement projects, consider the following to promote a healing environment in your living space.

A Healthy Drainage System

Your home’s drainage system exists for numerous reasons. Improper care and maintenance of your drainage can lead to water damage and ruin the house’s foundation. Water can flow inside your home, flooding the property and damaging your belongings.

Aside from the fact that these can cost you thousands of dollars in maintenance and repair, you can also get sick if your drainage system is clogged and damaged. Poor drainage can encourage termites to make a home inside your house. These are notorious for causing structural wood damages in your home like your wooden doors, windows, etc.

Nursing a poor drainage system increases moisture inside the house. This, in turn, encourages mold and mildew growth, which are known to worsen allergies. Continuous exposure to toxic black mold, for instance, can cause eye irritation, persistent headaches, chronic coughing, and even chronic fatigue.

If you are trying to grow a beautiful lawn, you will be surprised that lawn fungus can ruin your lawn’s health. Lawn fungus can be caused by using the wrong type of fertilizer, mowing too low, and drought. But overwatering and improper drainage is also known to cause this type of fungus to ruin your health.

The next time you plan on investing in home improvements, add projects that promote a healthy drainage system. Invest in trench grates for your driveway, observe proper garbage disposal, and regularly clean all drainage inside the house. For any signs of flooding or drainage trouble, call in the experts to address the issue asap.

Update Your Plumbing


Your plumbing systems need to be clean, well-maintained and can sustain the needs of your household. Your concern is not just to ensure you have no drippy faucets, busted pipes and can remove waste effectively. It also needs to be sanitary enough to deliver clean and potable water even if your family doesn’t drink straight from your faucets.

Maintaining and updating your plumbing and turning to low-flow water fixtures lead to less water usage. The less water you use, the less is wasted, and the better it would be for the environment. You can enjoy more savings and avoid the financial stress associated with costly plumbing repairs and replacement.

You can also avoid mold and mildew growth and even water contamination caused by old, leaked, or blocked plumbing. You can also invest in projects that can help boost the water quality at home. This way, you don’t need to worry whether you have clean water you can use at home.

Invest in Natural Lighting

Not many homes allow natural light indoors. Even with glass windows and doors, this is not enough to let natural light in. To harness the health benefits brought about by sunlight, invest in projects that will allow you to enjoy ample natural lighting,

Clean windows and invest in window treatments that allow more natural light indoors. Make use of mirrors to reflect more sunlight indoors. Consider adding skylights, a sunroom, and replacing doors with mirror doors to let more sunshine in.

Your house needs to be a place where you will feel comfortable, happy, and healthy. If it cannot sustain your needs, accommodate your lifestyle, and keep your family healthy and safe, then it is not a real definition of a home. Invest in projects that can also support a healthier lifestyle and never take your family’s health for granted.

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