Achieving An Eclectic And Glamorous Dream Home

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Everyone needs color in their lives because a monotonous cycle of doing the same thing over and over again will drain you of satisfaction and make every passing day feel dull. In fact, this idea is not limited to our actions and hobbies alone but also applies to our surroundings and the places we abide by our time. And little by little, the lack of expression and creativity will get to your brain and eat up every bit of imagination you hold.

Luckily, an easy, effective, and productive method of addressing this issue is dabbling in some home design and simple renovation projects. And today’s menu, introducing an eclectic and glamorous style into your home.

Why Combine Eclectic and Glamorous?

Yes, we understand that the standard most homes follow today is sticking with modern, simplistic, and a bit of new country. And while we strongly agree that these color palettes, patterns, and general style work fluidly together and look great, it’s overused. Not to mention, if adding more color into your home is the end-goal, the default design heavily favors calm colors over loudness and vibrancy.

On the other hand, when we combine an eclectic and glamorous style, we get the best of two worlds. One, eclectic, naturally meshes different designs and ideas, attaining an authentic and diverse finish. Two, glamorous strongly implies using bold color and making things pop, think more eye-catching in a sense. Overall, you get a busy, bold, and colorful mix of beauty and an ounce of drama.

Start With The Living Room

As with all things home design, one of the best places to begin the creative journey is in the living room. It’s one of the most flexible rooms out of them all and is used very often, meaning you’re getting your money’s worth when you invest in this region of the home. The main idea here is to find balance in mixing and matching different patterns, but don’t go overboard. Think about what tabletop trinkets, new furniture, and simple decor you can add to give this room more personality.

  • Choosing A Sofa: People like to label the sofa the center of attention in a living room, and we won’t deny that because it’s where everyone sits. So, instead of the usual mid-century modern or traditional slipcover design, opt for a flashy chesterfield or modern tufted look.
  • Follow A Layout: A massive problem with eclectic and glamorous designs is that it can be all over the place, so try to follow a layout. Layouting the living room means isolating the purpose, whether it’s a quiet reading space or fixated on a TV screen, workaround how the living room is often used.
  • Anchor With A Rug: if you want everything to come together nicely, anchoring your furniture with a rug is a great cherry on top. Make sure that each piece of furniture has at least two feet firmly place on the rug to make sure all surfaces are riddled with design. However, avoid using multiple rugs or oversized ones because it will look like a rug island.

Spice Up The Kitchen

kitchen interior

Second, to the living room, a great part of the house that deserves some love is the kitchen and dining area, the center of command for all things food, cooking, and eating. The advice here is combining functionality with beauty, adding new decor, and introducing bold colors but not at the expense of maneuvering and moving about. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh new coat of paint, but you could also look into getting new countertops like granite or marble to make everything feel contemporary.

  • Furniture Overhaul: When it comes to eclectic and glamorous, old furniture needs to go, and new ones should take place. Your options can range from brass fixtures, ikat drapes, graphic wallpapers to lacquer chairs. Feel free to experiment with whatever design or pattern tickles your fancy.
  • Flatware and Glassware: Details matter, and if you want to go the extra mile, choosing gorgeous flatware and glassware to match is an excellent choice. Gold and matte black bode well if you want to radiate a rich aura, but bamboo accents are also ideal for achieving a more down-to-earth vibe. As for glassware, colored wine glasses are a great place to start and stepping away from monochromatic designs.

Invest Outside

If you’ve got the budget to double-down for home designing, stepping beyond the interior and investing in the exterior of your home will work wonders on not just home design but also curb appeal and home value. Of course, try not to spend too much because you don’t want to lose out on improving other parts of the house.

  • Create An Extension: For deep pockets and big budgets, creating an extension to your house is the cornerstone of home renovation projects. From inspiring sunrooms to luxury conservatory extensions, these give you an entirely new room to experiment. It provides you with a blank canvas to get the most out of eclectic and glamorous styles.
  • Flower Bed Island: On the more inexpensive side, a flower bed island trumps all other flower bed designs because it looks far more elegant and stands out. Go for more vibrant and bold flowers to capture attention and hammer down the idea of glamour.

Let Your Creativity Run Wild

Bottom line; your creativity should run free, so don’t hold it back. And soon enough, dabbling in the finer ideas of eclectic and glamorous design will give you an artful home!

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