Modern Gutter Systems: Are There Alternatives to Spouts?

Roof gutter in front of blue sky

Gutters and downspouts will play a crucial role in the protection of your property’s foundation provided they are kept in optimal shape. As rainwater and melted snow flow down your roof, they hit your gutters. From here they are whisked into the downspout from where they flow to a water tank or the ground and away from your foundation and wall.

Most people opt for seamless gutters. This is because they have minimal risk of leakage and detaching like the sectional ones at their connection points, thus minimizing the need for seamless gutter repair. Some property owners, unfortunately, opt not to install downspouts in their properties. This is because downspouts are considered unsightly and might affect their property’s curb appeal.

Luckily there is now a beautiful alternative for your downspouts in rain chains and cups. These may be anchored at some point in the ground to prevent their sway and lead to a collection point and to boost their functionality.

The following are your downspout alternatives:

Single Rain Chain

This is the simplest alternative you can pick for your downspouts. Single rain chains comprise a chain measuring at least ¼ inch to the ground with a one-inch draping on your ground. There are different materials used for single rain chains, but the zinc-plated metals are the best for an industrialized and rust-free look. Though not as effective as other options for directing water to the ground, they are the least conspicuous among downspout alternatives.

Hammered Copper Rain Cups

These are inverted umbrella cups which have a rich texture and glow that fits almost all properties. The cups prevent the accumulation of water around your foundation by guiding it from one cup to another through an opening at the bottom until it reaches the ground. Though expensive, hammered copper rain cups are effective for the prevention of water damage to your exterior walls and foundation and have a high aesthetic appeal.

Barrel and Rain Chain Cups

Here, rainwater and melted snow will flow from your gutters through rain cups and into a barrel at the end of the cups. This not only provides a water catchment solution for your property making it an eco-friendly choice but will also avert water damage. The inclusion of a barrel rather than the large conventional water tank also guarantees that your water catchment solution remains unobtrusive to your landscape.

Multiple Rain Chains

Man cleaning the roof gutter

These are added to the ends of gutters and sometimes at different locations along their length for areas with heavy rainfall. They allow better water flow to the ground compared to single rain chains without affecting the look of your property. The use of multiple rain chains, however, follows different expert calculations to guarantee they do not place too much weight on your gutters and detach them from the roof’s fascia.

With these alternatives, you can now protect your property without affecting the curb appeal you labor to create. The rain chains and cups might seem easy to install, but their DIY installation will affect your seamless gutter’s integrity. Getting them expertly installed will not only protect your gutters and guarantee their optimal operation but also ensure their aesthetic appeal is maintained.

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