How to Restore Rusty Fences

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Have you put up a wrought iron fence around your Los Angeles property? A wall slowly succumbing to rust is not anywhere near the original one in terms of visual appeal. Some items look better with rust, but the wrought iron fence. Whether the wall is around your warehouse, home, or office, dealing with the rust should be a priority because things can deteriorate fast.

How Rust Attacks Wrought Iron

Corrosion is a natural process that attacks the wrought iron fence upon exposure to oxygen and water. The changes of iron molecules show in the form of iron oxide. The result is weakened material, which can eventually lead to a collapse when the iron oxidizes. The rusting process is severe during rampant pollution or severe weather. Rusting is a subset of corrosion, in that corrosion is the disintegration of a material through a chemical process, while rusting is corrosion that involves iron material. The tendency of a wrought iron fence to rust means that you need to prepared with remedies. Here are some steps that you can follow to bring back the allure of the wall that is rust-damaged.

1.    Scrub Off The Rust

Rust that has not been removed for some time can build up to unimaginable levels such that you might need a rotary device or sanding block to remove flakes. The tool you use will depend on whether the rust is loose or dense. Even if you have already used a drill and sandpaper and cannot see any more rust, repeat the process with medium-grit sandpaper to make sure that the surface is smooth. Buff the area nicely and rinse it with water in preparation for painting.

2.    Neutralize the Remaining Rust

However, you cannot paint the wrought iron fence until you are sure that all the rust is gone. With neutralization, some rust will remain and spread again even after refinishing. To take care of those specks, prepare a commercial rust neutralizer as per the manufacturer’s instructions and use a wire brush dipped in the solution to scrub the affected parts of the fence. Wipe the area and leave it to dry for 1-2 hours. Wash it with a soap solution and allow drying again.

3.    Paint and Prime

Painting the wrought iron fence should be preceded by the application of a rust-inhibiting substance or primer. After leaving the primer to dry for up to four hours, apply two coats of quality paint using an equally good brush. It is essential to allow some time before applying a second coat.

4.    Look After the Fence

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You will agree that countering the effects of rust can be difficult, so it is better to avoid getting to that point again. The only solution is proper maintenance. A wrought fence typically requires only two washes with soapy water and oiling of the moving parts annually. Any signs of rust can be neutralized with vinegar, lemon juice, or rust-resistant paint.

In the end, if your wall is already rusty, it is possible to bring back its shine. Call an expert in Los Angeles if you have any doubts about tackling this problem.

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