The Ultimate Pampering: Why You Should Customize Your Spa

woman enjoying jacuzzi in spa center

After working 40 hours this past week, you’re itching for a way to ease out the stress. What better way to do this than indulging in a spa day. But what do you do if your favorite spa place is two towns away from you?

Driving to a spa in Salt Lake City may take away time from your relaxation. An easy solution to this problem would be to find local spa builders who can customize the spa experience for you in the privacy of your home.

Why Customize?

A spa in itself is an indulgence; when you customize this rejuvenating and relaxing activity, you elevate the pampering experience. And why not? You deserve it, after all. With a spa designed and built to your specification, you can create the ultimate private retreat.

1. You Can Follow Your Home’s Design

Not every pre-designed spa can fit the style of your home. Customization allows you to get a bath or whirlpool that will match or complement  your home.  You can choose a shape that can evoke a Zen-like mood in your bathroom or pool area. You can also pick a size that will fit the number of people who will be using the spa.

2. You Minimize Your Environmental Footprint

Custom built spas allow you the chance to be eco-friendly. You can choose a spa that runs solely on solar energy by having solar panels installed. You can also ask your builder if they use environmentally friendly materials. Some manufacturers even use eco-friendly, nontoxic paint.

Custom designs gives you control over how your spa runs as well. You can specify low-flow or water-conservative aerators. In keeping with efficient energy-usage, you can go for a spa with automatic chemical distribution and light systems.

If you’re inclined, go the extra mile and shop for linens and robes made from sustainable materials, like bamboo. You can create the ultimate pampering by being mindful of the products you’ll use.

With customization, you can enjoy a stress free day while minimizing your impact on the environment.

woman enjoying massage at spa

3. You Know What You’re Paying for

Customization allows you to be hands on and directly involved with the product that you’re buying. This way, you know your money’s worth.

4. You Get the Optimal User Experience

A customized spa is designed for your optimum usage. The design is something you want, something you need, and more in line with your bathing rituals.

For example, a therapeutic spa will come with features that soothe sore, painful muscles. Maybe you’re a triathlete or lead an active lifestyle. A spa designed for hydrotherapy would be appropriate.

What if you want a spa for the meditative experience? This means designing a hot tub or whirlpool purely for relaxation. You can even incorporate colors to heighten the bathing experience as you light scented candles and take a dip in the evening, or daytime if you prefer it that way.

With customization, you’re reassured that you’ve tailored your spa completely for the ultimate spa experience every time you use it.

Stress is unavoidable, whether you’re at work or at home. But with a custom-designed spa in your home, you don’t have to drive to find the relaxation or rejuvenation you need.

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