5 Common Myths When It Comes to Cleaning Your Tile & Grout

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The constant exposure of your tile and grout to dust, dirt, and moisture often results in dingy and discolored flooring. Because of this, maintaining clean and attractive tiles can be a major chore. In the hopes of bringing back the original shine and appeal of their floors, homeowners end up trying different cleaning methods. Unfortunately, majority of the things they believe to work do more harm than good to their tile and grout.

To clarify the confusion behind this, tile grout cleaning companies have listed down the facts behind every misconception you believe to be true. Below are some of them.

MYTH: Mopping Is Enough to Keep Your Grout Clean
FACT: Mopping can help clean your grout, but is not enough to completely remove deep-seated grime in your tile. You can use this method to clean up the surface, but more work than simple mopping is needed to keep your grout clean. Besides, poor mopping technique may stain and damage your tile even further. So before you mop your tiles, be sure you know how to do it properly.

MYTH: Bleach Is a Great Cleaning Agent to Get Rid of Stains
FACT: While bleach can disinfect, whiten, and remove stains on surfaces, bleach can’t be applied to your tile and grout. Using bleach or chlorine may weaken and damage the integrity of your tile and grout. This is why tile and group companies do not recommend the use of this cleaning agent. Additionally, bleach has the tendency to ruin the glossy finish of your tiles.

MYTH: Scrubbing the Tiles Aggressively with a Wire Brush Can Do the Job
FACT: This method may work twice or thrice, but tile and grout experts claim that this is not the proper way to do it. They say that rough and vigorous brushing may result in denting or dislodging of the grout. Besides, if you have the right cleaning solution, a gentle brush or wipe is more than enough to clean the surface.

MYTH: It Is Always Better to Do the Cleaning Yourself
FACT: Although DIY may work on certain projects, tile and grout cleaning is not one of them. Unfortunately, many homeowners resort to doing things with their own hands. When it comes to this task, it takes a good amount of training and proper tools to get the job done. Sometimes, whatever you read off the internet isn’t enough to solve the grimy problem. You need someone with an extensive experience to handle the job.

Floor tiles being cleaned

MYTH: Tile & Grout Need to Be Cleaned Regularly
FACT: Just like with any part of your home, your flooring needs much love and care. Homeowners may believe that since floors are more resilient and stronger, they don’t need that much attention. However, if you want to ensure your floor will look nice and pretty for years to come, a regular and professional cleaning job is a must.

Hopefully, this clarifies some assumptions towards tile and grout cleaning. Before you think about doing anything, it’s best you research on how to do it right. This way you’ll avoid committing costly mistake as you try to maintain and clean your tiles.

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