Exposing the Most Pervasive Misconceptions About Gutter Care

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Gutters are the silent heroes of any Washington house. They protect roofs, fascia boards, soffits, siding panels, landscaping elements, foundations, and basements from runoff and moisture.

Nobody can afford to have dysfunctional gutters and downspouts, yet many people think that it is okay to procrastinate their upkeep. If you are one of these individuals, it is high time to understand the real value of proper gutter cleaning and other essential maintenance duties. Debunk these common misconceptions about gutter care so that you can develop the right attitude toward it:

Gutters Are Doomed to Be Clogged

Uncovered drains are defenseless against tree particles, but there are ways to reduce the number of debris sources in the surroundings.

One practical measure is timely tree trimming. All plants that are tall enough to dump dead foliage to your roof and gutters must be pruned. The closest branches must be at least 10 feet away from your house.

As a general rule, though, do not prune in the fall. This activity stimulates new growth, which might affect the health of the plant when done in the wrong season.

Rain Washes Away Debris in Gutters

Yes, it can but not all the time. When the buildup of debris in the gutters is thick and heavy enough, it can become an immovable force that impedes the flow of water. Some amounts of liquid can still pass through, but the drainage becomes grossly inefficient.

During a torrential downpour, clogged sections can cause the rainwater to pour over the side of the gutters and to reach house areas, exterior, and interior alike, it should not go.

Cleaning Is Easy As 1-2-3

Gutter cleaning is deceivingly challenging. It involves working on a ladder, maintaining balance, and scooping a surprising amount of gunk.

This job can take hours, so if you think you can’t finish it in one session, do not even start it. The keys to successful gutter cleaning are timing and strategy. Without one of them, doing it can be a futile effort.

It is better to leave this job to professionals. Yes, you may spend somewhere between tens of dollars and a few hundred, depending on the scale of the work, but the expense is worth it. Using professional service allows you to sit back and relax knowing that the cleaning will be done correctly, safely, and efficiently.

Annual Cleaning Is Enough

In many cases, gutters need attention several times a year. If you only de-clog your roof’s drainage system once every 12 months, you might experience overflows between scheduled cleanups.

Maintenance Ends with Cleaning

man cleaning gutter

Gutter care is not only about cleaning. It also involves inspection to identify gaps, seal failure, and bad hardware early. Structurally unsound gutters and downspouts are a liability waiting to happen.

Leaf Protection Eliminates Maintenance

Gutter protection reduces the chances of clogging by restricting access to most debris. However, any leaf cover can’t render your gutter system maintenance-free. It needs maintenance itself.

Gutter maintenance is a serious matter, so give it the respect that it deserves. After all, your gutters can’t preserve what makes your house a home if you do not protect them first.

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