Top Parking Lot Solutions for Small Commercial Properties

Cars parked in parking lot

Any commercial property needs a parking lot because no tenant would want to rent a unit if they cannot provide a parking space for their customers. But because real estate is costly today, many commercial properties choose to forgo constructing a parking lot for your tenants and customers. As a result, the value of your commercial property will suffer once you want to sell it.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate a parking space in your commercial lot. A reputable commercial flat roofing contracting company, for example, can give you ideas of how you can maximize the size of your property to accommodate rental units and ample parking spaces.

Rooftop Parking Lot Design

You can choose to have your parking lot on the rooftop of your building. You can even have it covered or uncovered, depending on your budget and the average weather in your state. Many of your customers and tenants will appreciate if you can provide the covered parking lot. But this is not a requirement, and providing covered parking should give you the power to raise the rent.

When planning for a rooftop parking lot, it is important to find a contractor that can design, develop, engineer, and construct a sturdy one. You also need to reinforce the main building to make sure that it can carry the weight of the parking lot and the vehicles that will be left parked there.

Underground or Basement Parking Lot Design

This is probably the most common design for buildings with limited space. A basement parking requires a good foundation since it is going to carry the load of the whole building. Believe it or not, some people become claustrophobic with the idea of parking underground. It might be best to offer valet service for those who cannot park underneath a building.

Ground-floor Parking Lot Design

A basement parking lot is more expensive, so some commercial building owners prefer to turn the ground-floor level of their building into a parking lot. Although it will also require a sturdy foundation—as most buildings do—a ground-floor parking lot doesn’t put as much pressure on the building as a basement parking lot does.

Garden Parking Lot Design

Photo of parking lot

If you have a mini patch of a garden outside your commercial building, you can incorporate a parking lot in it. You don’t have to use a garden purely for aesthetics reason. The parking lot is also important to your tenants and customers. But it isn’t advisable to pave a garden, too. What you can do is to hire a landscape architect that can incorporate parking spaces in the design of the garden.

All it takes is a bit of creativity and ingenuity to provide a safe parking lot for your tenants and customers. You should always think about what will make your commercial property attractive to possible clients. Providing a secure space where they can leave their vehicles is always a major boost to your chances of landing a good tenant or loyal customers.

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