Air Conditioning: 4 Problems You Should Watch Our For

Air conditioning unit

You realize that your air-conditioning unit is faulty during the hottest days. Sometimes the unit is struggling to function, but it is not its fault. Failure to maintain an AC unit or poor maintenance exposes the unit to AC problems, which are costly to repair. Therefore, proper maintenance goes a long way in preventing most AC repairs and ensuring that the unit functions effectively to make your home or commercial property warm and cozy.

You wake up in a pool of sweat, you pull off your bed sheets, but you still do not feel any relief. At that moment, you realize that your air conditioner is faulty. The summer season has just started, but you are already calling a repair technician to fix the issue. You must be wondering why the unit is not functioning as it should. While not all AC repairs are the same, some are more predominant than others.

Improperly warmed or cooled rooms

You rely on your air conditioner to maintain a comfortable climate indoors since the temperatures are already heating up outside. The air conditioner is faulty if you realize that some rooms are not being cooled as required. The fault could be a result of dirty filters or dirty evaporator coils. The best you can do is to call a professional to inspect the air conditioner and fix the problem before it gets worse.

Frozen coils

These are among the most popular reasons an air conditioner fails to blow cold air. The unit coils could be freezing up due to an array of issues such as broken parts, a low temperature outside, restricted airflow due to a dirty filter, and insufficient refrigerants. You need an expert to check the coils, inspect the entire unit, and repair the faulty parts.

Blower motor not turning on

Air conditioning unit repair

This is one of the most common AC repairs experienced not only in homes but in commercial properties as well. Several reasons cause an air-conditioning unit to fail to start, such as a tripped breaker, which is not a severe problem. If you turn the switch back on and it continues to flip when you start the air conditioner, you might require replacing the breaker. Other issues that cause this type of AC repair in Seminole include the overflow shut-off switch and damaged or faulty wiring.

Clogged drain line

Most people do not know that their air conditioners carry out two tasks. Besides making your home or office comfortable by producing the desired temperatures, the unit removes condensation from the indoor air. The process of eliminating condensation draws water vapor from indoors through the drain line that is attached to the unit. A clogged drain line causes the unit to shut off, which is a common problem when the water levels in the drip pan are high.

You shouldn’t have to worry the next time your unit stops functioning; it could be one of the problems mentioned above. It can be nerve-wracking to carry out repairs and maintenance on your AC unit on your own. That is why you should call a professional anytime you experience one or more of these AC problems.

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