Home Insulation Improvement: Signs your Home Needs One

Insulation of an old building

Before you bid goodbye to the summer season, it is important to be prepared for what the cold has to offer. If you and your family have suffered (but survived) through the cold winter season last year because of your faulty insulation, then this is the time to improve or totally replace it.

This is to tide you through the coming winter season more comfortably. Having insulation contractors in Kansas City to help you with your insulation needs is a must. They can also help you assess the condition of your home and whether or not you need a simple insulation improvement or a total replacement.

Below are some common signs that improvement is due for your home insulation.

Ice dams

Ice dams dripping from your roof is very picturesque, especially during the time when your home is covered in snow. However, ice dams are one of the most common things which signify that there is something wrong with your home insulation.

They are the result of partial melting of snow that has formed on and around your house. Ice dams can become heavy or can be shaped irregularly, which can cause damage to your roof, gutter, and other parts of your home. This can be solved by fully melting the ice or, simply improving your home insulation system.

Uneven indoor temperature

If your living room feels colder than your bedroom and other parts of your home, then there is a considerable chance that part of your home insulation is faulty. The role of insulation is to keep the desired temperature in and therefore should be able to do so uniformly.

This is primarily if your heating system is centralized throughout the whole house.

Increasing energy bills

person computing the energy bills

If you have an uneven indoor temperature or has insulation leaks, chances are you will notice a significant increase in your energy bills. Your heating system is not able to provide your home with the right temperature.

And chances are, it will continue to work more than it needs to reach your desired temperature level. A properly working insulation system can prevent this from happening. Because it can help contain the desired temperature within your home, thus stopping your heating system from working more than it should.

Indoor drafts

When there is not enough blockage between the outside air and the home inside, drafts will be able to pass through. To check if your home has it, make sure all your doors, windows, and other entry or exit points are securely locked.

If you feel drafts passing through, chances are there are your crawl space or attic insulation needs some improvement or changing. Having indoor drafts is not normal. But it is commonly dismissed by homeowners because it cannot visibly be observed and can be tricky to assess.

Do not suffer from another cold winter season just because of your faulty insulation. Seek professional help and invest in having the right kind of insulation for your home and your family to enjoy.

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