Modern Backyards: 3 Ways to Update the Look of Your Favorite Outdoor Spot

Modern house backyard with pool and garden

Don’t wait for summer until you can spend time enjoying your garden blooms in your favorite relaxing outdoor spot at home. These three design ideas can instantly elevate the look of your private hangout in an instant.

Enclosing an open space

Most backyard spaces are without enough covered areas, leaving outdoor furniture exposed to the elements and limiting the use of space. One of the best ways to make use of the space is to enclose a portion of it, to create a garden room.

Turn your garden room projects or ideas into reality by utilizing a corner of the existing porch, and build an enclosure around it. Some designs are free-standing, so if you do decide to place it in a different area in the yard, you can always do so.

Garden rooms have a more structured look, which gives the open space a more organized look. From here, it will be easier to section other parts of the backyard and assign a use for each of these zones. One of the benefits of having a garden room is that you can use the space, no matter what the season is.

Leave the doors closed or open, and it’s entirely up to you. And it’s entirely possible to enjoy the outdoors any time of the year, inside your garden room. Its practical all-season design can instantly elevate the look of your backyard and potentially increase the value of your property, too.

Using Artificial Turf

Green grass lawn at the front of house

Another all-season design material to use for the backyard is artificial grass. You get the lush, green garden look sans watering and requires virtually zero effort to maintain. This is ideal for use in areas in the yard with high foot traffic like the play zone, the poolside or the dining area.

Grass softens the look of a space, giving it a more relaxing feel and lots of lush garden appeal. If you’re going for a much larger area for the garden room and would like for it to have a landscaped flooring, artificial turf can do the job.

The material is also weatherized. So you can be sure that it won’t fade or disintegrate if it’s exposed to varying temperatures and season changes.

Growing Vines on a Trellis

Vines on a trellis is the perfect way to cover fences or walls. If your barrier is still structurally sound and all it needs is a fresh coat of paint, consider putting up a trellis with vines instead. Not only will it blend with the existing design seamlessly, but it’s also a more economical option to conceal any imperfections on the surface of your fence.

This design is also great for livening up a dull, under-designed wall area. Over time, the additional greenery can help purify the air within your space and act as a natural design element at the same time – definitely a useful and beautiful addition to your backyard design.

Sometimes, all it takes is to liven up a corner in your backyard to give it an entirely new look. These corner additions and small area makeovers are easy to accomplish and yield fantastic results. Changing the feel and look of a space doesn’t always require a total makeover.

These space-revamping ideas are the best options for those who are looking for a weekender project with big, satisfactory results. So if you’re looking to improve your backyard space, these three ideas are absolutely worth a go.

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