Making the “Rule of Three” Work in Your Living Room

Cozy living room with fireplace

Design theory may be a complex field of study, but if there’s one thing everyone can easily apply to their interior design, it’s the rule of three. The human eyes are easily drawn toward a grouping of three. That said, the rule of three applies in many areas of design, whether it’s photography, web design, or digital art. To help you create a living room that’s both polished and homey, the rule of three is a great design principle to follow. Here are three areas where you can easily apply this rule in terms of living room design:

Your Coffee Table

The coffee table may just seem like a tiny piece in the overall look of your living room, but it’s certainly an important element. You need a place to put down your drinks; perhaps a spot where you can put your feet up after a long day at work or take a sip of your favourite drink while reading a novel. It’s a small space but it needs to be functional.

To make it a useful and appealing area in your house, turn to the rule of three. When choosing what to put on top of your coffee table, make sure they’re in groups of three: three stacks of coffee table books, three pieces of scented candles, and even three souvenirs you got from your overseas trip.

Your Couch

Living room with modern couchNo doubt this one’s the centrepiece of your living room. Whether you’ve decided to buy an Ottoman chair or a long sofa, you can’t just overlook your couch. Since you’ve put a lot of thought in choosing the right one, make the most out of it by incorporating the rule of three when dressing up your living room’s primary design piece.

Pillows and blankets are must-haves on your couch, so here’s where you can use the rule of three. Play with shapes, colours, and textures and create an interesting three-piece combination of throw pillows and blankets. With the rule of three, your space will not look messy and cluttered even with all the varying design elements you’ve used.

Your “Mantelpiece”

If you’ve been blessed with a fireplace in your living room, congratulations. You got an instant focal point in your place. It’s the perfect spot where people can gather around, so make sure you give this space the attention it deserves. There’s no need to make do with a stark, almost boring mantel. But you need to be careful not to make it look too cluttered, either.

Here’s where the rule of three comes in. You can put some small shelving units on top or picture frames in interesting shapes to add more interest. Make sure these are made of the right materials, as they can be fire hazards, especially during the months when your fireplace is always burning.

To achieve a great balance between style and comfort, the rule of three is something you can definitely use when designing your living room. With this design tool, you can step out of your comfort zone when it comes to décor but still avoid the messy, cluttered look.

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