How Much Should You Spend to Build a Garage?

contractor building a garage

The typical cost of building a new garage in Brisbane can range from $1,200 per square meter to $1,680 per square meter, but the actual price will depend on several factors.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, the price of building carports in Brisbane will be much lower than the construction cost for garages. Carports are more affordable because of fewer materials, which reduce the cost of labor. However, a garage does have its distinct benefits despite being more expensive.

Listing the Expenses

Design plans, materials, permits, and insurance comprise the common factors that affect the total cost of building a garage. Most contractors charge per square meter for the installation work, and some types of materials such as brick will require a higher cost of labor. You can divide the expenses into three parts consisting of the floor surface, roofing, and garage door.

A concrete surface can range from $60 per square meter to $85 per square meter. If you choose a Colorbond roof, you might have to spend $6,680 for a flat freestanding variant that measures 9m x 4.5m. A single rolling door can cost 50% less than a double rolling type, which usually ranges between $1,500 and $1,800. Sectional garage doors are more expensive from $2,000 to $3,000 each for double garages.

Different Types of Doors

Aluminum and steel comprise the most common kinds of roller doors, although sectional types can be made of timber as well. Single roller doors usually cost at least $600, but the price can easily reach up to $1,350 for high-quality types. You need to measure the space before choosing a specific type. Standard sizes for single doors measure 2.4 meters wide by 2.1 meters high.

Double garage doors usually are 4.8 meters wide and 2.1 meters high. You can install doors with custom measurements but be willing to pay extra. Some manufacturers offer doors that are up to 3.1 meters high and up to 3.4 meters wide for single garages. Double doors can be up to 3.1 meters high and up to 5.5 meters wide.

Cost of Labor

contractor fixing the garage doorGarage builders in Queensland charged $50 per hour in 2016. The price today might have increased along with the price of materials. However, it can be cheaper to build a garage in Brisbane than in Sydney, where the hourly rate cost $55 two years ago.

The best way to find the most reasonable price requires you to shop around for prices. Consult at least three different builders to know the prevailing rates in your area. You can also choose to buy the materials and pay for professional labor.

If you have a limited budget, a carport might be a better option. Whether or not you proceed with a garage construction, you must hire an insured and licensed contractor to avoid the risk of penalties. It’s against the law in any state to hire tradespeople without these two requirements. When asking quotes from different contractors, they should also mention if their insurance includes service warranties, professional indemnity, and public liability insurance.

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