Do These 6 Easy Tricks to Make Your Home Relaxing amid the Pandemic

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The raging COVID-19 pandemic no doubt set in motion a domino effect of devastation across many communities in the country and elsewhere in the world. Not only did the pandemic caused massive unemployment, but also gave rise to mental health problems among adults, adolescents, and kids.

With people’s mobility adversely limited by the COVID-19 scare and government regulations, many are forced to spend extended time inside their homes. After a while, this leads to cabin fever, anxiety attacks, and other forms of psychological and emotional issues that destroy families and relationships.

If you’re concerned about such possibilities happening in your family, here are six simple ways to improve your home’s relaxing effect:

Add mood lighting.

Just like comfort food, the lights inside the home affect one’s mood. Poor lighting can strike anxiety and a bad mood, while proper and ample lighting can relax one’s mind and promote productivity. As such, be sure to invest in mood lighting and hire a professional residential and commercial lighting maintenance company for your upkeep requirements.

This type of lighting option isn’t just great for one’s mood, however; in fact, quite a lot of mood lights are very stylish and elegant, even. This makes them excellent lighting fixtures if you also want to enhance your home’s indoor appeal. When combined with their ability to uplift a person’s mood, such lighting products are truly worth the money.

Consider adding a small water feature.

Flowing water is known to have a calming, therapeutic effect on people. As such, you might want to consider investing in a mini waterfall, a small Koi pond, or an artificial fountain.

Many decorative water features are commercially available, but you can always go for a custom build by hiring a professional installer. You can go as inexpensive or as pricey as possible depending on your budget and preference, but the bottom line is to just install a water feature in your home to enjoy the same relaxed feeling as other homeowners with similar amenities.

Add greenery.

Plants, just like water features, have been proven to promote relaxation. In Japan, there’s actually a philosophy that exults the benefits of communing with nature through exposure to trees, plants, and forests. It’s called shinrin-yoku, which is translated as ‘forest bathing.’

If you want to enhance your property’s calming feature, then you should get some gardening tools and start a small garden or mini forest in your yard. Indoors, you can create the same experience of being close to nature by putting some indoor plants. If possible, choose species that have air-purifying properties to promote clean and healthy indoor air.

Get a home spa kit.

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Why go to an actual spa and risk getting infected with COVID-19 when you can have a relaxing spa experience right inside your home? To do this, you need to buy a home spa kit that typically includes body scrubs, creams, lip balms, bath soaps, and washcloths. These are pretty inexpensive items that you can afford and order online, so they should be quite easy to invest in.

Buy some scents you like.

Aside from home spa kits, you should likewise buy a few bottles of essential oils and some diffusers to complete the set. There are some scents such as fresh bamboo, lemon, and lavender that are known to induce a sense of relaxation among people who smell them, so you could put them on top of your to-buy list.

Once you’ve got the scents that you and your family members love, you can then place the diffusers in strategic areas such as the bedrooms, living room, and bathroom. This way, you’ll enjoy the same relaxing smell practically anywhere you stay inside your home.

Ensure well-regulated indoor temperatures.

Given that you’re spending much of your time inside your home, you should make conscious moves to ensure that indoor temperatures are always well-regulated. You should invest in a smart thermostat that can be controlled remotely and programmed according to your habits and preferences. Some smart thermostats are so smart that they can ‘learn’ your preferred temperature settings and adjust your home’s heating and cooling according to those preferences.

In a way, it would essentially be a place-and-forget setting, where you’ll only need to buy the device, let it your preferences (or set them manually once), and then practically leave the thermostat to regulate indoor temperature for the rest of the season.

Staying home amid the pandemic need not be stressful and comfortable. With these tips, your homestay will be relaxing and even fun as you spend more quality time with your family.

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