The Pandemic Design: How COVID-19 Might Influence Your Renovation

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It’s hard not to talk about the pandemic when it’s been here for almost a year and going. Since last January, the world has been coping with the challenges bought about by the highly infectious COVID-19. About a year later, people’s lives have been redefined by this pandemic for better or worse.

The pandemic has helped renovations in a way; while it’s the worst to have happened to people, it has highlighted a few design areas that need to be improved to post-COVID-19 standards. Even kitchen remodeling has been influenced by the design suggestions that a pandemic can only bring. Designs need to be re-thought so that such a pandemic like COVID-19 brought cannot infect as many ever again.

From touchless tech to anti-microbial surfaces, let’s look at the different innovations construction companies came up with.

Install Touchless Tech

It’s common to see touchless technology at a posh hotel or the mall. You can open doors with a proximity sensor without pushing it open or aside. You can wash your hands with the faucet automatically opening and closing with your hands nearby. Aside from being economical, it’s also practical during this time.

Touching surfaces might get you the coronavirus, so you must keep your hands to yourself as much as possible. Installing these techs at your home might be a little more costly, but it’s surely more economical than paying those hospital bills. It’s not only for your safety but also for the safety of everyone, including your children.

Use More Anti-Microbials

You can only go touchless for so long. Inevitably, whether you’re working from home or being asked to return to the office, there are lots of services you’re going to touch sooner or later. That’s why you need to carry sanitizers with you. These belong to a group that’s called anti-microbial tools. There are also anti-microbial designs that are streamlined for sanitation.

It’s easy to do this in the office, but it’s a bit challenging to design it in your home. Some materials like copper and silver have anti-microbial properties. Given that, you should be vigilant with spraying your home with a sanitizing mix now and then or cleaning it religiously for microbes.

Arrange Furniture for Your Safety and Added Space

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If you’re at home, you’ll likely want to redesign your designated workspace to mirror your office workspace. You’ll want to do this, most importantly, if you see yourself working from your home for the foreseeable future. Not everyone is like this, but it does inspire a kind of routine if you’ve got a workspace like this available at home.

What if your home is too cramped with furniture? This is where multi-functional furniture comes in. These are furniture that can have two different purposes. If you see your home lacking a little space for your office, consider these to help with your remote work requirements.

Use Virtual Samples of Re-Design

The authorities have told people to stay at home and to limit their movement as much as possible. If you want to redesign your home office and seek the help of a professional, this will be a problem. Fortunately, there are apps available online that can allow you to design your workspace without going to a designer’s office in person.

Consider Modsy, an online interior design service that offers 3D realistic designs of your concept. It’s a big help if you can’t be at the designer’s office in person. You design your concept, send it over, and let the designer look at it.

Purchase More Online Stuff

To keep yourself safe, you’ll have to buy all your home office needs online. Online shopping has become big during the pandemic. Everything, from food to furniture, has been brought and delivered to your home without people needing to see each other but from afar. If you can do it with food, you can certainly have your furniture delivered like this.

Make the most out of it by buying your furniture online. The deliveries will be done within the measures suggested by the CDC—contactless delivery. You’ll have all the fixtures you need in your home within a short timeframe.

People have been driving the surge in the real estate market because they look for bigger and safer spaces during these trying times. If you don’t want to move into a bigger home, you’ll have to adjust to make your home your office. Move a few fixtures, replace furniture with multi-use ones, and you’ll see a definite change in your home office space.

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