Noise Reduction Through Design: Building a Peaceful and Quite Home

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Certain homes are located in areas where noise is inevitable. Your house could be situated close to the street. Maybe you have noisy neighborhood kids. There could also be times when your street is an ideal shortcut for drivers. No matter the cause of traffic, you can end up having difficulty sleeping or working from home due to all the noise from outside.

Lucky for you, there are projects you can tackle that will help you reduce backyard noise. These are but simple home improvements that can help you turn your home into a more comfortable and relaxing abode.

Put Up a High Wall

One good way to reduce outdoor noise is by having a high wall blocking the noise out. You need to make sure the fence is solid enough and has no gaps for the sound waves to pass through. A fence will also help add a bit of privacy to your home, which is perfect if you have creepy neighbors.

Note that your fence of choice should also have no gap on the ground. If it does not touch the ground, more sound will pass into your home. It is also important that you find a fence supplier that can offer high-quality and eco-friendly options.

If you are after long-lasting, low-maintenance, and unique fences, consider visiting popular home improvement websites such as They offer innovative alternatives to vinyl and wood fences. You get to have that eco-friendly fence that is beautiful, unique, and has low maintenance needs.

Go for Heavy Drapes

You may love sunlight which is why you opted for thin windows and light window treatments. But if you want to reduce outside noise, invest in heavy drapes. This will help you sleep throughout the day while blocking street noise.

You can find decorative drapes that can suit your home’s interior. Incorporate beautiful fabrics if you are after the artistic look. You can even go for velvet drapes if you want a more luxurious feel.

Note that there are soundproofing window treatments available. These often weigh up to 15 pounds. Go for heavy drapes that glide the tracks for effortless opening and closing.

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Consider a Backyard Fountain

A fountain in your yard can serve many purposes. This can add serenity in your garden, attracts wildlife, especially birds in your yard, and add beauty to your bare backyard. If you opted for a bigger fountain, you can even invest in some pond plants like water lilies or water lettuce.

A fountain is also a good way to drown out the noise from outside. The running and gurgling water help lessen the undesirable sounds from outside, thus creating the white noise effect. For best results, place the fountain in an area where you need more noise reduction, such as your bedroom or home office.

Invest in a Thick Rug or Carpet

Rugs and carpet not only help dampen the noise you create when moving around the house. These also help keep the noise down from the outside. If you are going to invest in a carpet, go for a soundproof carpet option.

If you have hardwood floors, then you can go for a thick rug instead. Go for rugs made from soft, fluffy materials, felt, or open weave fabric. To make it more effective, add a thick felt pad underneath.

You also have the option to throw in a density rug pad under your rug or carpet. This will make your floor softer and improve your rug’s noise reduction abilities.

Reposition Your Furniture

If you have thin walls and you live in an apartment or multifamily home, consider rearranging your furniture. Make sure the larger furniture sits against the thin walls. This can help block the noise from the shared wall.

If you have a collection of books, show them off by building a wall-to-wall bookcase. Fill it with books and make one that will snugly fit your walls and ceilings. The additional furniture can help stop sound transmission.

If you have no bookshelf, you can choose to line a cabinet and fill it up with clothes, towels, or linens. This should do the trick by acting as natural insulators. If you intend on buying new sets of furniture, go for wooden furniture and place these against walls where you want the noise reduced.

There are other projects you can invest in that can help you reduce outdoor noise inside your home. Consider your needs when choosing which project to take and plan the home improvement carefully. With sound reduced, you can enjoy better sleep and work in peace. Your family can enjoy more relaxing days around the house and won’t be as bothered by the traffic noise or your loud neighbors.

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