Tips On Carpet Maintenance

cleaning the carpet

Spills and stains on your carpet are expected to happen anytime, especially if you have children or pets in your house, and the most important thing to do once it happens is to deal with the spill and stain right away. If it is left that way, the stain will stay in the carpet, and it will only be harder to remove.

Here are a few tips on maintaining your carpet

Professional cleaning

Professionals in Atlanta, GA, offer carpet cleaning services to help maintain and clean your carpet. Although it may seem like hiring a professional is an additional cost, it is one of the best options since doing it yourself may cause damage to your carpet. Hence, an even more expensive price for you. Also, cleaning your carpet on your own may remove the surface dirt; however, deep cleaning it will remove dust, allergens, and greasy residues to can be harmful to you, your children, and your pets. Getting professional help can assure you that your carpet is well maintained, and you will not have to replace it.

Quick action

Leaving a stain on your carpet for an extended period will make it more challenging to clean and may cause harm to the carpet. Once you find out that liquid was spilled on your carpet, take action right away and clean the fresh stain; otherwise, it will seep into the carpet, causing more damage than you will only realize in the future.

Regular vacuuming

vacuum cleaning

It is highly recommended to vacuum your carpet regularly and meticulously most, especially on areas where your children and pets usually stay to ensure that its life is prolonged and tokeep its appearance. When your carpet is just new, vacuum it lightly for the first week, then vacuum it weekly.

Cleaning products

Stains will have different reactions depending on the chemical solutions. Not because it is the most commonly used by other people, it means that it could also work for your carpet. Make yourself aware and knowledgeable about the various products and choose the one that is designed for all-purpose cleaning, which will lessen the chance of causing damage to your carpet. Furthermore, if you think you need a spot removal solvent, make sure that you are going to use one that has been approved by The Carpet and Rug Institute of America.

Moreover, spills and stains can still be prevented from happening, and here are some ways to do them.

  • Place doormats on your doorways. A simple entrance mat can help prevent dirt from entering your home, and more importantly, on your carpet. However, also make sure that the mats are cleaned often to avoid dust and dirt from building up.
  • Use furniture coasters or chair pads to avoid pressure marks on your carpet. Also, rearrange your furniture occasionally.
  • Protect your carpet from too much exposure from sunlight by installing curtains or blinds.

Your carpet is one of the essential accessories in your home because it adds color and texture to your rooms. However, having carpets in your home will demand regular cleaning for them to stay aesthetic and avoid any dirt and damaging materials. It is essential to clean your carpets regularly, and if ever you have light-colored ones where your children and pets mostly stay, it is necessary to clean them more often.

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