Strip Doors: What Can You Get from Them?


There is a wide range of use for strip door curtains in large industries. If you have ever worked at factories or kitchens or warehouses, then most probably you have already encountered one. A PVC strip door curtain, for instance, is made from an advanced PVC material that is air-and-water tight and provides practical solutions to some industry concerns. Let’s take a closer look at its different uses and benefits.

Strip Door Uses and Benefits

There are different types of materials for strip curtains. You can choose which one is ideal for your working environment.

  • Clear. This type of strip offers outstanding clarity, color tint consistency, and tolerance of dimension.
  • Buffer. This type is ideal for greater impact conditions.
  • Polar. This is great for refrigerated trucks, walk-in freezers, and other similar applications.
  • Marker. This strip comes in red and is used to mark doorframes for added safety.
  • Welding. This strip is specifically made to be used as welding curtains.

Installing strip doors at your facility may seem impractical because of the amount of time and money spent but in the long run, it is more cost-efficient.

It defines spaces effectively.

Instead of building walls and doors to divide the spaces in your facility, a PVC strip curtain is arguably a lot less expensive and more practical. They act as alternative barriers to doors and provide better accessibility between your facility’s interior and exterior spaces.

It is a more cost-effective energy control device.

Strip doors are tried and tested to minimize energy loss or heat-gain in a low-temperature environment like a walk-in freezer. It is always closed and only opens to the size of the person or object going through it. They prevent up to 90% of air loss that usually takes place with typical doors.

It isolates and cancels noise.

They reduce noise from other work areas and equipment. It can minimize noise by as much as 17 decibels so you can still entertain clients and guests despite all the commotion happening outside.

It blocks air pollutants and other unwanted elements.

Dust, smoke, fumes, dirt, pests, and others more are blocked from getting into the facility which affects the workplace’s hygiene and sanitation. The prevention of the movement of contaminants inside helps create a cleaner workspace for everyone.

It increases workers’ comfort.

A clean workplace that is quiet, well-lit, and with a controlled temperature gives workers a more comfortable demeanor that leads to higher productivity.

It gives the workplace a good amount of natural light.

Other than saving on lighting, a PVC strip curtain’s transparency also provides a better workflow for everyone. This transparency brings higher visibility for traffic with very minimal risk of collisions and accidents. Some examples of places where PVC strip door curtains are used:

  • Restaurants
  • Factories
  • Supermarkets
  • Walk-in Freezers
  • Cold Rooms
  • Retail
  • Food Service
  • Clean Rooms
  • Hospitals
  • Transport Terminals
  • Industrial Kitchens
  • Food Processing Warehouses
  • Butcheries
  • Welding Booths
  • Refrigerated Trucks

Whether you need PVC strips for your meat locker or your refrigerated truck, there are plenty of reputable PVC strip door curtain sellers in Australia that has what you need at any given time. Protect your business and workers and start enjoying the benefits of strip doors.

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