Creating Your Toddler’s Comfortable and Independent Space

toddlers jumping on the bed

Babies grow fast. It might surprise you when you realize that your baby is now a toddler. So the next thing to do is to say goodbye to the nursery room. There are some basic elements to keep in mind when converting your nursery room to a toddler room.

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

The bed is the focal element in any room. When converting your nursery room to a toddler room, you have to do away with the precious crib. At Benmores Beds, there is a wide variety of choices for toddler beds. Is your toddler a princess at heart? Or are they an active tot who wants to climb in different places? Are they a developing genius who needs a place close to the bed for their books? Or would they race away in their dreams in a car-themed bed?

A parent has many options when choosing a toddler bed. Some of these are low bunk beds, cabin beds, four-poster beds, and themed beds. What is important is for the personality of your child to shine through. Comfort and safety are also important for toddler beds.

For Snuggles and Peekaboos

The next thing to consider is bedding, pillows, and rugs. Opt for softer textures because your toddler’s skin is still very delicate. It is a fun process to pick matching pillowcases, mattress sheets, and blankets. You can even ask the opinion of your child as you go along the selecting process. Make sure to stock up on lots of bedding, especially if your little one is mastering potty training.

couple and their kids

Storage Power

Toddlers love to experiment and explore. Thus, it is important to provide them with ample items for them to learn. Toys and books will grow in number as your child grows. But the challenge that comes with this is to keep your toddler’s room clutter-free.

You can have bookcases and storage baskets for this purpose. It is also the perfect time to teach your child to help in tidying things up. You can develop a system such as color-coded baskets for your tot to know where each piece should go. Organize their books and toys in such a way that it is pleasing to the eyes. But it should not be too tidy that your tot will be afraid to move a thing. Make it look inviting.

Your child’s drawer is another thing to consider when preparing a toddler room. As they grow, they might want to choose their clothes and dress themselves, too. Again, develop a system here for them to stay as organized as possible without impeding their desire to do things on their own.

A Secret Hideaway and More Floor Space

Your child has outgrown their baby gear such as a rocker or a bouncy seat. You can now put it in storage. Provide as much floor space as possible for your little one to spend all their energy with. You can build their hideaway such as a tepee, fort, dollhouse, kitchen. These places promote creativity and imagination. Give them a free yet safe place to be whatever they want to be. 

Designing a toddler room is an exciting project. It gives you so many wonderful memories of how your baby has grown. It also makes you look forward to more days you will both spend in this room either as you help them discover the world or when you tuck them to sleep.

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