Public Bathroom Etiquette

public restroom

Chances are, you’ve had your fair share of experiences in bathrooms that might’ve been less than pleasant. Then there are those that are fine and hardly memorable, and maybe a couple that probably went a little horribly because of you. That’s fine: a bathroom is a place for us to be gross since it does deal with our bodily functions.

This is a little different when it comes to public bathrooms. There’s a lot of social faux pas that you can unknowingly commit while using one, and not only can this make you look bad, it’s also an inferior judgment on your part. So the next time you duck into a public restroom, keep these following tips in mind.

Eyes in front

There’s nothing more unsettling than having someone peep at you from behind the toilet partition while you’re doing your business. It doesn’t matter the person or whatever it is they’re doing — it’s their own business, and you are invading personal space by having your eyes stray anywhere farther when they need to be.

Keep the mouth shut

People don’t go into public bathrooms to chat with strangers. If you do find yourself near another person, it’s best to either give them a nod or some other form of silent acknowledgment that they are there. Not only does this save on the noise, but it also prevents you from accidentally inhaling or ingesting any airborne nasties in the loo.

Put the phone away

This may be the most difficult one to accomplish for some people: not using your phone in a public restroom. Aside from the fact that you may be contaminating your phone screen with all the bacteria in the room, taking out your phone makes you less receptive to your surroundings, making you more likely to do something untoward that could’ve easily been avoided.

Don’t crowd around other people

public restroom

Space isn’t exactly a luxury in most public bathrooms, so crowding around people or areas can be seen as extremely rude. If you absolutely must check yourself out in the mirror to tidy yourself up, try to make it quick and as unobtrusive as possible. If you have access to a private pay bathroom, it’s much better to do those tasks there.

Treat the staff kindly

If there happens to be a member of the cleaning staff on duty, it’s customary to treat them with respect. Remember that they’re not only cleaning up after you but everyone else that uses that bathroom. So try not to make too much of a mess while you’re in there.

Don’t take all the toilet paper

We get it: sometimes you’ve got to go, and you need as much TP as you can carry. But if you can, try not to drain the entire roll in one sitting, as you’re not the only person that roll is meant for. If you have found yourself emptying the roll, inform the staff that it needs replacement as soon as you’re done.

A little consideration goes a long way when it comes to using public restrooms — both for those who use and clean them.

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