How Much Will It Cost You to Remodel Your Bathroom?

You once had a new and sparkling bathroom, which has been worn out by scum and scrubbing. Metal parts are rusting, and the wood surfaces are dull and have grown mold from the high moisture content in the bathroom. The stains from rusted metal parts have done your bathroom much disservice, too. It is now time you planned to get a remodel to return your bathroom to its former magnificence.

You have done your research well, and you already know which bathroom design you would want to replace your current one. You have evaluated the durability of each component and contacted several contractors in Kansas City to inquire whether they can handle the project. You have gotten quite positive responses there. However, going back to the drawing board, you realize that there is more to this than just wishful thinking. You need to lay down a concise plan to know precisely how long it will take you to complete the project. You also require coming up with how much the bathroom remodeling project will cost you. You will find the following to be a resourceful guide:

Labor Costs

Typical bathroom remodeling projects can cost anywhere between tens of thousands of dollars. This amount, however, covers the products used and the remodeling service. You can also go into covering license fees should there be any. Still, ideally, the remodeling can cost 20 percent, on average, in labor costs.

Return on Investment


Every bathroom remodeling project will cost a fortune to complete. Unless it is a well-done project, you risk having one that will wear out even faster than how your current one did. For high return on investment (ROI), bathroom remodels should address the need of its users. They should use genuine products. Hiring the right bathroom remodeling contractor will also save you the cost of replacing parts and redoing areas that do not meet your expectations.

Remodeling in Stages

You can choose to complete your bathroom remodel in one sitting. However, not all property owners are open to this. That is especially the case if you require using the bathroom during the remodeling. For such, you may prefer remodeling your bathroom in stages. However, completing the remodeling in one phase is slightly cheaper than doing it in stages. You can inquire about the same from your contractor. The difference can probably not be much, considering the inconvenience it can cost you.

If you have inquired from the contractors that you have shortlisted so far, you have an approximate value of how much your bathroom remodeling will cost you. Ideally, bathroom remodeling is among the most expensive of remodeling projects. Such projects require that you hire a contractor that has had a consistent record of delivering remodeling projects that return. You need every coin to count, depending on how much detailing you need the remodeling to cover. You want bathroom remodeling that will increase your property’s value.

Work with a reputable contractor. It is your only bet to having genuine products and enjoying high-quality services.

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