The Most Popular Windows in England

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If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then windows give a glimpse into the soul of any home. The right kind of window can, and often does, dictate various other design choices within a structure, not to mention influence the behavior of light and sound in a space. Depending on the materials and the design, the right kind of window can turn any house into an actual home.

Far from being just a hole in the wall, windows will come in a wide variety of shapes and styles, with each style allowing you to open up your space uniquely. In the UK, houses have a long tradition of incorporating various types of designs for various apertures.

Here are some of the most popular windows in the country:

The Most Popular Windows in England: Box Sash Windows

One of the most common types of windows, one can find them all over the country, from traditional sash windows in Kent to box sash windows all the way in Northumberland. Box sash windows, also known as sliding sash or double hung windows, has a long history in the UK, with box sash windows being present in most historic buildings like Ham House in London. Generally, the window sashes will move vertically up and/or down.

The materials used in box sash windows may vary, but one of the most popular materials is aluminum-clad wood, which provides the box sash window an authentic, traditional design while providing the window with a strong, low maintenance frame.

The Most Popular Windows in England: Casement Windows

The casement windows actually predate box sash windows, with the latter being invented sometime in the late 17th century. Traditional casement windows usually had metal frames which held leaded glass, which are panes of glass held together by strips of lead. These windows can be set to open either inwards or outwards, depending on the preferences of the homeowner. In general, these can be opened using a standard push-out handle or a crank-and-turn handle.

Modern casement windows haven’t deviated from its original design, although most modern casement windows will often use aluminum or wood frames. Casement windows are often cited as being the most energy efficient of all window designs, as they have lower air leakage rates than sliding windows.

A variation of the casement window, called the top-hung, is also popular in modern apartment buildings thanks to its discrete and space-saving design. Top-hung takes its name from the way its window hinge is located at the top of the frame, with the window opening outwards from the bottom.

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The Most Popular Windows in England: Tilt & Turn Windows

First gaining prominence on the continent, the Tilt-and-Turn window is a highly unique and technical window that is hinged both on the side and on the bottom, allowing users to open and tilt the window inwards.

This unique design allows Tilt-and-turn windows to provide ventilation to homeowners while providing a relative amount of security. It’s an extremely versatile window design that provides homeowners with the opportunity to install a single window that can be used for two different purposes.

However, because of their highly technical design, tilt-and-turn windows are nominally heavier and more expensive than regular box sash or casement windows. The mechanism that controls how the windows open are almost-always reliable; however, should they break, the cost of repair can be exponentially more than a box sash or casement window.

The Most Popular Windows in England: Picture Windows

A luxurious choice of window for manors and upscale flats, picture windows are fixed-frame windows that do not open; instead, their primary function is to provide a room with as much light as possible. These windows provide the maximum amount of light that a window can offer and are best suited for rooms or spaces that have incredible views outside. Because picture windows require only a single sheet of glass, the design options for this type of window are practically limitless. Also, because there are no moving parts, picture windows require very little maintenance other than the routine clean.

However, as mentioned because these windows do not open, they offer virtually zero ventilation. This means that you will need other windows installed should you want air circulation in the space you’re placing the picture window. This type of window also takes up a huge amount of space, which means you’ll have less wall to work with. It’s also very expensive, if not the most expensive type of window you can get for your home.

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