How Windows Can Transform Your Home

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Do you believe that windows have the power to transform any home? They don’t get as much attention as they deserve because they are ubiquitous in any home you visit. They don’t get much credit for making the home look gorgeous and for improving its curb appeal. The aesthetics of a window is extremely important to any home. Improving your home’s windows can, in fact, make your home look different. It's one of the easiest ways to transform and upgrade your home. 

Most homeowners think about the window design last during the construction process. They believe windows are a part of the interior design, way after the house was already constructed. But is that how you are supposed to think about windows? Aren’t windows one of the main elements of a house? Can you easily change the shape and the location of the windows? No, right? It means windows are both part of the construction process and interior design.

Let There Be Light

Does your home feel dark and dingy? Does it always put you in a bad mood? That might be because there is no natural light coming into it. Windows and doors are great at adding some warmth to your home. Forget about your gorgeous chandeliers and lamps. Nothing beats natural light.

Natural light in your home makes you more productive by allowing you to sleep better. It also perks you up even amid a stressful day. If you are currently constructing your home, consider placing the windows where you can get as much natural light as possible. If you are worried about the sun coming in too strong, you can also ask a window company to make a bespoke window shutter that will prevent that from happening at high noon.

Point of Interest

How can you make a window stand out? Painting around it is a chic way of doing it. French windows that you can swing wide open are always elegant. They create an illusion of large space in any room. These windows also give the room a romantic and historic appeal. Hanging on white almost-translucent-like curtains will help make you feel like you’re in the vineyards of Bordeaux.

Big windows in the kitchen are always attractive. When you have guests over, they will comment on how spacious the kitchen is (even if it was an illusion created by the wall-to-wall window in your sink area). It also allows you to look over your backyard where your kids sometimes play and frolic.

Increased Functionality

If you want to create an indoor-outdoor continuity in your home, add a large window beside your backdoor or front door. The point is that if you have a party either in your front yard or backyard, you can throw the doors and windows open to create more space. This will make your house more inviting to guests. It’s the perfect way to accommodate more people than your yard can accommodate.

Better Energy Efficiency

Upgrading your windows into energy-efficient ones will cut down your energy bills by almost half. Energy-efficient windows will not let the warm or cool air escape from your home. It keeps the air circulating indoors, which reduces the need for you to crank up or down the thermostat. Just remember that you do have to open your windows when you can to improve the air circulation in your home.

Compliment Your Furniture

The right windows with the right amount of light coming into them will complement your furniture. With lots of natural light coming in from the windows, you can add darker furniture in a room with dark paints. Ordinarily, only bright furniture will complement darker rooms and dark furniture for lighter rooms. The contrast will make the room easier for the eyes.

However, when there isn’t much light coming into the room, even lighter rooms would need light-colored furniture. That’s why you should plan where the windows should be placed. It is easier to put curtains and shutters on the windows to prevent too much light from coming in than it is to add a window in a solid wall.

Every element of the home is important in maintaining not only its functionality but its aesthetic appeal, too. The windows, however, might be one of the most important. When constructing a new home, think about how each window will add appeal to the room. Do you want to let natural light stream into the room? Then, add large windows facing the sun. You can easily transform any room by adding, reducing, and changing the windows.

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