How to Create Your Tropical Haven Inside Your Home

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Tropical interior design is an excellent way to incorporate the outdoors into your home. What’s even more significant is you don’t have to visit the beach to pull it off. You can bring home everything good about the tropics with only a few decorating ideas. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Recreate a holiday feel

One of the best ways to get the tropics into your home is by playing around with prints. Use some leafy prints with a lot of palm and fern. Then, use a charcoal backdrop to make it stand out. Giving your place a bit of print can make it look like your house is full of lush greenery outside.

You can also add a few antique pieces of furniture to give your space a retro feel. It’s an excellent idea to match both modern and retro design aesthetics to give it a unique look. You can use reclaimed oak cabinets and other pieces of furniture and then mix it with palm leaf green.

If you want to give your home a more polished look, you can go for pieces with black-stained wood finishes. It’ll blend well with the rest of your pieces and won’t overpower one another.

Use a splash of colours

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If you want to give your space a wow factor, you need to be brave enough with colours. It will be best to add a few yellow shades inside your area to give it a more fresh and energised look. Adding a few shades of yellow can also warm your space and blur the lines between the interior and exterior areas.

If you want to play around a bit more, add darker shades of blue-greens and yellows to create a vibrant layer of colours. It’ll even look great if you add flamingo pink with it, too.

Meanwhile, if you want to stick with greens, then it’s best to choose the ones in the middle spectrum to give your space a serene and creative feel. You can balance it out by using natural wood as well as a warm grey to make it stand out.

Set up a relaxing space

Another trick that most condo interior designers in Singapore do when applying a tropical look is changing the furniture. You can use brightly coloured cushions with tropical prints to give your space an outdoor vibe. Setting up walls of blues and greens can help, too.

A hammock is another way of adding a playful tropical tone into your space. You can place it in an area where you often lounge so that you’ll have somewhere to sit as you relax.

You don’t have to take the plane to get into the tropics. Instead, you can always bring its essence right inside your home, making your space relaxing and vibrant — as if you’re always on holiday. There are countless ways to apply this type of design into your space. All you need to do is think outside the box and be more creative.

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