Best Floor Options for a Vintage Look in Kitchens

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Making delicious meals for your family’s needs more than the right recipe and ingredients. You should also have the right motivation to get you whipping and baking heart-warming meals. This motivation primarily comes from the type of food preparation area you choose. While in the past people often only focused on a functional kitchen, you nowadays should also decorate your kitchen appropriately to motivate your food preparation.

One of the best styles to aim for in your kitchen is a vintage one. With this, it is hard to think that carpet distributors in the UK will contribute much to your space. Even so, you can choose dull carpet colours with vintage designs for your vintage kitchen. Though the kitchen is prone to spills, stains, and water, some carpet fibres and construction techniques will hold up to all these and suit your kitchen space. If, however, you are not so keen on carpets for your kitchen, here are your other flooring options for a vintage look.


modern kitchenCheckerboard linoleum tiles for your kitchen conjure images of old-age kitchens more so in Queen Anne-style homes. They are the perfect choices for a 1950s look for your kitchen. Linoleum floors are easy to maintain and only need periodic cleaning, waxing, and re-sealing. With proper care, they will last for over fifty years. The best colour options of your kitchen’s linoleum floors include earth tones and primary colours in flecked, jaspe, and marbleized patterns.


Vinyl composition tile {VCT} comprises polyvinyl chloride chips making up a large portion and 20-25% of natural or recycled materials such as limestone. This is the best floor for mid-century modern and colonial revival homes. Its maintenance involves sealing with speciality sealers and cleaning and buffing. The floors will last for 10-30 years with optimal care. Full-spectrum colours with patterns will all match vintage kitchen looks.


This is almost wholly natural and comes from trees of the same name. It is the perfect floor option for those who want their kitchens to exude a charm like that in queen Anne-style homes. Unlike most vintage floors, the cork will retain its charm even when tinted to enhance its look. For an authentic vintage look, opt for cork floors with dark brown to light buff colours with patterns or inlays. You can revive a factory-sealed finish in your cork floors using polyurethane. The floors last for about fifty years.


Few things will give your kitchens a timeless quality like stone will. The ideal stone floors in vintage kitchens are those with minimum shine and some texture. You can lay the stones in different patterns or alternating tones to generate some interest. Stone suits Georgian, neoclassical revival, and early American homes. The lifespan of stone floors is about 100 years with cleaning and buffing and sealing to avert their staining.

Vintage kitchens do not mean boring ones. With the right décor elements and finishes, they will be the best-looking rooms in your home. The above floors, for instance, make the perfect crowning elements to your vintage kitchen and guarantee its functionality.

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