Grow Your Rental Income By Going Green

Building with a landscaped rooftop

There’s more to the popularity of concrete paving in Kansas City than just improving the curb appeal of commercial facilities. Concrete in addition to being strong and durable, it’s environmentally friendly. That makes it a choice building material for people looking to lower the carbon footprint of their facilities.

Research indicates that buildings are among the leading drivers of global warming in the country. They account for almost 40 percent of the carbon dioxide emission in the United States. They also consume up to 39 percent of all the energy produced in the country.

Lower your recurrent bills

Tired of the high energy bills, the owners of the Empire State Building sought to do something about it. They splurged a cool $13 million upgrading the building to improve insulation and energy insulation. While that might sound like too much money, it led to a 38 percent reduction in their annual energy use. That translated into a savings of $4.4 million yearly, which equalled to a three-year payback period.

Studies indicate only 9 percent of building’s emissions stem from its construction with the rest coming from its use. Retrofitting an old building not only improves its appearance but also saves you a considerable amount of money. The same case applies when putting up a new building and fitting it with energy-efficient systems.

Use of energy efficient electrical systems that use LED lighting reduced the electricity bills. The use of low flow faucets and water efficient cisterns in the toilet lead to lowered water consumption. Tenants are keen to move into such buildings as they get to reduce their utility bills as well.

Attract high caliber clients

Businesspeople shaking hands in a buildingAs the world wakes up to the adverse effects of global warming and climate change, there are concerted efforts to reduce carbon footprints. Companies are making it part of their corporate mission to do so. As such, they are gravitating towards using green products and services.

As such, they are willing to pay a premium price to secure offices in a green building. That would gel well with their mantra of going green as it demonstrates that they can indeed walk the talk. It would mean that you will have a litany of well-heeled companies looking to take up residence in such a building.

High demand for space in a green office complex means that you won’t have to endure competition for tenants. You also get to charge premium rates for your space while maintaining a high occupancy level. It means that you will have a relatively low turnover rate, guaranteeing you of a steady rental income.

There are more benefits to embracing green building technology than just conserving the environment. You also get to reap the benefits that come with the technology as well. Using durable building materials mean that you won’t be saddled with frequent repair bills. You also get to save on both water and power bills each month for the lifetime of the facility. You also get to attract high caliber tenants who are keen to enjoy these benefits.

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