Considerations When Choosing a Moving Date

couple planning their move

Choosing the best time to move is trickier than most people think. The hiring process can make the job as less painful as possible, but picking the wrong relocation date can cause you tremendous stress. Before you get moving quotes, keep these critical considerations in mind:

Previous Plans

When you have made arrangements for the upcoming holidays, special occasions, or a vacation, schedule your move after the plans you have already set. Worrying about the actual relocation before a birthday, an anniversary, or an overseas trip can ruin the fun of the celebration.

On the other hand, carrying out the move shortly after a big event can make the transition much more comfortable because everyone is still in high spirits.

Furthermore, some festivities are only meant to be enjoyed during specific times of the year. Canceling a much-anticipated get-together to experience a taxing relocation can bum your entire family out.

Seasonal Variables

From a practical standpoint, moving in the summer is less inconvenient because of the generally fair weather. The school break also means that you have to contend with fewer scheduling conflicts.

The only problem is that most people like to move during the summer months too. This period is the busiest time for movers, so you may not get the most favorable date of relocation if you do not make arrangements early enough.

But if winter elements are not that harsh in the place you are moving to, then nature should not be something to worry about. You might even find it easier to schedule and get discounts since winter is typically a slow season for movers.

couple with boxes in their new home

Status of Properties

If you do not need to sell your current property before you can move to your new residence, then you might afford not to entertain any buyer until you have settled in.

But things get tricky when you get your current house sold before your new one is ready for occupancy. Even worse, the next owner of your home is ready to move in, and you have not found a new place to live in yet.

Apart from thinking about your own family’s welfare, put yourself in the shoes of your house’s buyer. If there is any complication, explain your situation to make sure both parties are on the same page.

Life Changes

Sometimes, your moving date is influenced by circumstance. You may have to uproot your family sooner than you like because your new job requires it.

Unless your employer is willing to give you more time to change addresses more conveniently, you have little control over the situation, or else you risk losing a potentially great career opportunity.

Divorce can also affect the moving date. A break-up is typically unpleasant, but it is essential to make every effort to make the transition hassle-free for everyone to move on more easily.

In the end, no magic date makes moving stress-free. Assess your situation, and think enough foresight to minimize its physical and psychological effects on your family.

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