Practical Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

house renovating

Are you looking to improve the aesthetics of your new home or do you want to enhance the comfort of the newly bought house? Whatever your motivation for renovating your house, you should do it in a way that adds value to your new property. Here are practical ways to increase the cost of a home in the first year:

Landscape for Curb Appeal

Just bought a house? A lawn upgrade is the easiest, fastest, and most inexpensive way to increase that property’s value. Check out a few ideas on how to landscape your front yard for curb appeal:

Consider Your House

Your house is the most significant thing on your property. Therefore, any curb appeal design should complement it. As you choose the best plants, consider the house’s size, shape, and color. Also, think about how your home relates to the streets.

Keep Your Garden Low-maintenance

Potential buyers who don’t want to spend a lot of resources on maintenance might not appreciate your elaborate gardening. Keep your yard clean with shrubs and flowers that don’t demand comprehensive care.

Give Native Trees a Chance

Native trees not only reduce your energy costs but also raise the value of your home and the neighboring houses. Plant these trees strategically to improve the value of your home drastically. Perennial plants and flowers are also better than annual foliage.

Avoid Gravel-scaping and Synthetic Turf

Don’t install a synthetic turf or gravel scape your yard. Such landscaping will remove your established plants, increase your energy costs, and degrade your yard’s environmental resilience.

Add Space

If your new home is closed off and uninviting choppy, consider modifying its floor plan to give the house a preferred open design.  You could also consider repurposing the attic or the basement. Alternatively, talk to home addition experts in Salt Lake City about the best way to add square footage to your house. Adding another bathroom or family room, for instance, can make the house more prominent and more valuable.

Kitchen and Bathroom Update

modern home kitchen

Exquisite kitchens and bathrooms have a great appeal on potential home buyers. As a result, appraisers naturally search for updates of these high-use and high-traffic spaces. Remodeling the two facilities while ensuring that their new style fits in with the rest of the house often yields a good return on investment.

Start with your kitchen appliances. Eliminate old gadgets and replace them with modern ones. Substitute old or standard cabinets with new gourmet-style ones. Also, upgrade the kitchen flooring with popular vinyl or tiles. Regarding the bathrooms, you don’t need a complete renovation to transform the space. If you’re on a budget, think about how to upgrade elements such as the toilets, vanities, and inexpensive fixtures.

Almost every homeowner thinks about home upgrades and renovation within a year of buying a house. But as you plan on improvements, consider the market value of both your home and other names in the neighborhood. An upgrade to your kitchen and bathroom, better curb appeal, or a modified floor plan will smartly add value to your home.

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