5 Ways to Turn Your Backyard into an Outdoor Oasis


After a tiring week of facing your computer screen at work, it could be tempting to leave the city and go on vacation mode for the weekend. But let’s face it: Sometimes you’d rather Netflix and chill than go through the hassle of packing your bag and driving all the way to the mountainside. Why not just turn your outdoor space into a backyard retreat? Here are fun ideas to get you pumped up for a potential DIY home project:

Think Classic: Build a Treehouse

Whether you want a natural hideaway for yourself or a playhouse for the kids, you can live your treehouse dreams with or without a tree. If you’re going to take the easy route, you can always hire a builder. But if you have a way with nails and hammer, get ready to flex your handyman skills for an exciting DIY project.

Not a Fan of the Treehouse? Get Creative

If a treehouse doesn’t suit your taste, there are many fun alternatives you can consider without breaking the bank. Instead of a hammock, get an outdoor-living swing chair. Rather than setting up a camping tent, level up and get a safari tent for the ultimate glamorous camping experience. The key here is to veer away from traditional furnishing and get your creative juices flowing.

A Hot Tub in the Yard, Because Why Not?

Got no budget for a swimming pool or outdoor Jacuzzi? An outdoor bathtub is all you need to make the heat go away on a hot summer day. This is such a great way to cozy up on the weekends. That is if privacy is not an issue.

Alternatively, you can set up an outdoor shower for when the kids want to play outside. It doesn’t even have to be complicated—simply fasten a showerhead to a hose, hang it on a tree branch, and then turn on the tap to enjoy.

hot tub

A Secret Spot Sounds Fun

Have you always longed for afternoons when you can read a good book uninterrupted? Build your version of Mary’s Secret Garden where you can hide from everyone (even from your lovely but clingy fur babies) to spend some quality time with yourself.

Do you want to take it to the next level? Put a mobile bar in place, and you’ll have the perfect secret outdoor oasis.

Set Up Outdoor Theater

Take your Netflix and chill sessions outdoors by setting up a theater in your yard. Get cozy by placing bean bag seats, lots of pillows, and a comfortable rug. Don’t forget the blankets because it could get really cold at night. Instead of a TV, get a projector. This is a cool project to implement if you want a multi-purpose: have fun in the sun during the day and gather the family for some film watching during the night.

Wrap Up

You don’t have to leave town to enjoy a weekend retreat. With the right tools and furnishing, your backyard can be your oasis for total outdoor relaxation.

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