4 Biting Lawn Pests that Require Professional Extermination

lawn mower and grass

Your lawn is not only a place of comfort. When well-maintained, it exudes class and adds to the aesthetic appeal of your landscape. Unfortunately, this does not always happen without challenges. Different insects may cause damage to it or use it as a hunting ground for their prey. This is how individuals and pets end up getting bites from them. Below are some of the pests to look out for, and for which you should contact an exterminator.

  1. Fleas

Fleas are tiny pesky irritants. They lurk around areas most loved by your pets. If they love to spend time on the lawn, it will likely be infested. This includes around shrubs, porch and on the fence lines. While you may have mastered treating your pets against fleas, this will be in vain if there still are some on the lawn as a re-infestation will likely occur once they visit the affected parts. To permanently eliminate the menace, involve a professional residential pest control Bayamon firm so your favorite spot on the lawn won’t be riddled with fleas.

  1. Fire Ants

close up picture of antsFire ants are reddish-brown ants that build large nests on the ground. They love areas that are sunny and open, making the lawn a perfect place for them. From the mound, they can then create long underground tunnels. As such, the absence of mounds does not mean there aren’t ants; they could reach your yard through the tunnels.

When they suspect a threat, they sting in numbers making the experience quite a painful one. Disturbing the mound results in aggressive swarming. Eliminating these dangerous and annoying pests requires getting rid of the mounds as well as killing the ants and is best left to professionals.

  1. Chiggers

These are microscopic bugs that result in severe itching and a red rash that develops to welts with time. They easily invade lawns from areas that are damp and those with dense vegetation. When they infest the lawn, they will attach themselves on the skin of humans and animals passing by.

Although people assume that the discomfort they cause comes from their bites, chiggers do not bite. Instead, they inject some liquid to the skin cells to break it down and enable them to ingest the matter. Once they feed, they will then drop off, leaving you with discomfort that lasts for hours on long after they dislodge. Since they are invisible to the naked eye, they are hard to eliminate and require a professional.

  1. Chinch Bugs

These are black and white bugs that cause wilting of grass as they suck on its stems and blades to extract the juice. The hairy, common, and southern chinch bugs are quite common on turf grass. They, however, feed on different season types of grass. When they come in to contact with humans and animals, they bite.

Your lawn should be a safe haven for family members and pets too. However, the presence of destructive pests affects the health of the grass while others cause discomfort to living creatures. Involving a professional exterminator ensures that elimination is done safely. This way, the pets, humans and lawn plantation remain unaffected.

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