You Will Definitely Know When You Need Septic Tank Service

A septic tank is a gross but very necessary part of many people’s lives, especially those living in rural areas without a formal sewage system. It does a great job of holding the unsanitary waste humans create until it’s ready to be cleaned out. There are a few warning signs showing that you need to clean your septic tank, and they are definitely not subtle.

The homeowner in the embedded video was washing her hands one day when she could hear water running at the same time in the next room over; the bathroom. She was confused at first because the bathtub water was not running, and when she checked, she saw and smelled what was very obviously sewage water.

Video Source

She immediately called her septic tank service.

They were able to come out and resolve the problem before too much damage occurred, but it was a shock as they did not know their house was on a septic system. When they purchased the house, it was listed as city sewage, so this was entirely out of the blue for them.

The septic servicer offered good maintenance options to limit the amount of blockages that occur over time. One great option was an oxy tab which allows the sludge and scum to break up more easily than otherwise, so the homeowners hopefully will not have to have service done as frequently.

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