Where to Use Polycarbonate Plastic Sheets

polycarbonate sheet

Plastics, including polycarbonate plastics, are some of the most versatile materials in the market. There are plenty of uses for plastics and suppliers of polycarbonate sheets in the UK keep creating even more uses.

This type of material is rugged, durable, strong and versatile. It is widely used in construction, but many consumer goods are also created with polycarbonate plastic. The following are some of the most common uses of polycarbonate sheets:

Roofing Materials

Building a patio, a veranda or a carport is more easily done with a clear plastic roof. Polycarbonate sheets offer several advantages over traditional roofing materials, like slate, tiles or corrugated iron. They let the sunlight in, which can help with both lighting and heating.

Builders can choose between transparent and translucent sheets. You can also build a sunroom at a lower cost if you use polycarbonate materials instead of glass.

Clear Windows

The same as roofing materials, you can also use polycarbonate sheets for windows instead of glass. The material is stronger than glass and would not break easily. It would take a large piece of flying debris to break a polycarbonate window.

Pool Enclosure

Innovative covers are designed to be moved over the swimming pool, allowing their use even in cold weather. This is a much cheaper alternative compared to erecting a whole building over the swimming pool. It is possible to have an affordable polycarbonate pool enclosure, which can withstand strong winds or the weight of heavy snowfall.

Light Wall Diffusers

Light walls are not for everyone. These are banks of either fluorescent tubes or LED lights spaced on a wall and covered with a polycarbonate plastic diffuser. Among other things, it can be used in a photography studio to provide even lighting.

More commonly, these are used for advertising or promotional purposes. As advertisements, these can be found on walls or bus sheds. These can also be located along walkways, providing informational guides to pedestrians or advertising space.

Machinery Guards

polycarbonate plastic sheet

Lathes, mills, band saws and printing presses require safety guards to protect against possible accidents. These are usually clear polycarbonate plastics, which allow the operator to see what machine is in operation and at the same time protect them against any speck or debris that could hit.

Although these guards are relatively smaller than other uses, and are considered as part of the machinery, they offer protection in the course of regular use.

Security Glazing

Clear polycarbonate sheets are used as security glazing for hockey rinks, security guard booths and teller booths. These are also used for roof deck railings, as well as for train platform edge doors. These sheets can be configured for strength and durability.

Polycarbonate sheets can be formulated as a substitute for bullet-proof glass. The strength of these sheets can easily stop high-speed hockey pucks flying towards the stands. As roof deck railings, these are sturdy materials that can withstand high- speed winds, inclement weather and temperature variances.

The construction and manufacturing industry makes a wide range of products from polycarbonate sheets. These can be molded into almost any shape and have a wide range of properties necessary for different uses.

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