What You Need to Know About Pipe Clamps

Tube water pipe

A pipe saddle clamp is a kind of fittings used to add support for horizontal or vertical pipes. These kinds of clamps ensure that the pipes are properly secured and allow easy movement which can occur. The use of pipe clamps is common in electrical, heating, and plumbing tasks.

Pipe clamps are also available in different diameters and are made from different materials such as stainless steel, plastic, or brass among a few. Aside from that, pipe clamps also come as single-screw, three-screw, or clip-in formats among a few. In choosing the right type of pipe clamps, you should consider the item you are mounting, where you are installing it, and the specific spacing and diameter of the clamp you will really need.

Types of pipe clamps

As mentioned, pipe clamps are used for a variety of purposes, such as plumbing, electrical, and cabinetry works. There are also different types of pipe clamps, which serve different purposes. These are the following.

1. Adjustable

This type of pipe clamp uses aluminum, plastic, or steel as its base material. As the name suggests, this pipe clamp is adjustable and can be used for different pipe sizes and diameter. Adjustable pipe clamps can be easily loosened or tightened depending on the size and diameter of the pipe. Having said that, this type of clamp is cost-efficient since it can be used in all pipe sizes.

2. Cushioned

Cushioned pipe clamps feature a cushioning material that protects the material from corrosion and other signs of damage. It is often recommended for use in non-insulated piping. However, it can also be used for other pipes such as plastic, metal, or wood.

3. Rigid

These types of pipe clamps are usually made from steel or iron materials. It also locks and unlocks easily and are more preferable for use in fixture buildings. Likewise, it is used in the construction of milling machines.

4. Swivel crossover

This type of pipe clamps allows a full pipe rotation and are more appropriate for crossbracing. It is also commonly used for building railings, racks, and other similar structures, and can also be installed easily as well.

5. U-bolt

It has four parts: two hex nuts, the U-bolt, and the saddle. It is commonly used in securing a pair of tubes and is usually made from aluminum or steel. It needs to be tightened as part of the installation process. U-bolt clamps can also support a lot of weight.

C-clampThe best type of pipe clamps according to usage

As mentioned, pipe clamps are made from different materials and vary in size, diameter, and mounting options. Each of these pipe clamps is appropriate to use depending on certain conditions and purposes.

For one, stainless steel clamps are ideal for use in locations where it may tend to be exposed to harsh outside elements. Stainless steel pipes can resist oxidization and corrosion, which is great for both indoor and outdoor use.

Plastic pipe clamps, on the other hand, is more suitable in situations where flexibility is necessary like cabling runs. Plastic clamps are also resistant against moisture and discoloration due to UV rays among a few. It also blends effortlessly with another home décor without looking too rugged.

Copper pipe clamps are more commonly used in indoor plumbing as it won’t cause adverse reactions to water. Meanwhile, pipe clamps made from brass look aesthetically appealing. However, it is also as durable and resistant against harsh elements.

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