Ways to Keep Your Furnace in Top Shape

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The furnace is one of the essential devices in your home during the winter season. The colder months in Modesto are challenging to endure without a properly working heater in the house. But if you have a well-maintained heating system, your home will receive the warmth it needs without harmful emissions, wasted energy, or additional energy costs.

To ensure your home is well-heated this coming winter, it’s essential to conduct some basic maintenance tasks on your heating system. These steps are easy to do on your own or with the help of a professional in heating repair in Modesto.

Routine Inspection

Hire a professional who can perform a thorough inspection of your heating system. You might overlook specific details if you do it by yourself, so better leave it in the hands of the experts. An expert can inspect every component of your heating system and recommend improvements or repairs that your furnace needs.

Filter Maintenance

You should clean your furnace filter regularly and replace it once a month or depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation. Set a reminder on your phone or in your calendar so that you won’t forget this task. Changing the filter in your heating system can help you save up to 15% on energy costs. It also prolongs the efficiency of your furnace.

Check Circuit Connections and Leaks

The next step is to clean in and around the furnace. However, you can’t start cleaning unless you perform basic de-cluttering. The area surrounding the furnace should not be blocked and must always be clean. Keep away any combustible materials.

For safety, turn off your furnace and make sure all circuit connections are turned off as well. Check for gas leaks, which, when left unnoticed, can lead to severe accidents. If you notice any leak, have it fixed by a professional as soon as possible. Avoid using it until the leaks are repaired.

If there are no problems with your heating system, you can proceed with the next task.

Clean Furnace Components

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It’s essential to keep the other components in your heating system dirt free. Vents, flame sensor, blower, drainage tube, and ducts are some of the parts that must always be cleaned. Dirt, dust, and debris can build up inside these components that can become hazardous to your health and even cause fires.

If there are damaged parts, repair them immediately or replace them if necessary. Ask help from technicians who can recommend the correct components that your heating system requires.

Inspect the Thermostat

Don’t forget the thermostat. It should also be subject to inspection. Check all knobs and buttons if they are all working correctly. If you notice something amiss, contact a professional to inspect your thermostat. There might be loose wires, screws, or other components inside that needs repairing or replacing.

Having your heating system checked by a professional can cost you. Repairs and part replacements will have costs, too. But it’s all worth it if you compare the amount to buying a new furnace. And if you maintain your furnace well, you don’t need to buy a new one every year, which is sadly a habit of many people in the USA.

To make sure your heating system works in top shape for years to come, inspections, maintenance, and repair, in general, should be done every year before winter starts.

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