Ways To Increase Your Home’s Security

CCTV at home

Security should be a priority for every homeowner. Burglars are always looking for targets, and you want to protect your home and the possessions within it. Aside from installing a security system, here are additional ways to keep intruders at bay.

1. Install the best security fence

Many homeowners don’t give a lot of thought to their best line of defense. However, some fences even make it easier for burglars to gain entry.

You need to consider some factors when choosing the right fence for your home. You want a fence that is difficult to climb over can not be bypassed effortlessly, and do not serve as a hiding spot for thieves once they’re inside your lawn.

To achieve this, you need to consider the fence’s material, height, and locking mechanism. When it comes to material for gate and fencing, wrought iron can be the best option. While it costs relatively higher than other fencing systems, wrought iron is one of the best out there. It’s sturdy and durable and can withstand damages due to break-in attempts or unsavory weather conditions.

Burglars would need to have some heavy-duty tools before they can make an opening. Wrought iron fences also have an open view, which means that when someone breaks in, the intruder has nowhere to hide. The upright pickets and open rails of wrought iron fencing make it harder to climb and can ward off even the most determined burglars.

Your gate should have a secure and effective locking mechanism that will keep your yard free from uninvited visitors. You can choose from different locks such a mortise, signet, or padlock, depending on your budget and preference.


2. Burglar-proof your yard

Burglars see tall trees and overgrown bushes near your doors, windows, or gate as an invitation. Branches that overhang the roof can provide them easy access to your home, and too much vegetation offers a hiding place for intruders. When you’re away, your best security defense is your neighbors. However, they can not keep an eye on your property if your yard looks like a jungle.

To deter burglars, you should prune large foundation plantings regularly. It would also help to grow defensive plants with long, and sharp thorns that could prick, scratch, irritate or injure intruders.

3. Don’t compromise your safety on social media

Burglars always look for clues suggesting that the target home will be unoccupied from piled mails, unkempt lawns, and the absence of cars. They also scout evidence by tracking their target’s posts on social media. Unknowingly, you are inviting burglars whenever you spread the news about your vacation or business trip with your Facebook friends.

You understandably want to document your life’s notable events and stay connected with your social circle while traveling. But for the sake of your home’s security, you can share the details and pics from your fabulous holiday after your return.

While there’s no stopping burglars from their persistent attempts, adopting these security-enhancing measures can make your home a much tougher target.

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