Upgrading Your Pool Design and Maintenance with Technology

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Having a pool at home for you and your family can be a wonderful outlet for relaxation and bonding, especially during summer. The demand for having inground pools in the United States account for 71% of the total potential market. Despite the attractive benefits of having your own personal pool at home, the reality of maintaining a pool can be troublesome. Homeowners may need to step up and get educated about the hard work that comes with having a pool at home, from the needed equipment to the pH balance or chlorine tablets required.

As times change, technology contributes more to our daily lives, even when it comes to our pools at home. Due to these advancements, you can refurbish your standard pool design and turn it into a convenient pool that is easy to use and maintain. Here are some ways how you can achieve this.

Ways you can upgrade your pool at home

One of the most basic and essential things to consider as a homeowner with a pool is its sanitation and chemical balance. Chlorine is used to ensure your pool’s cleanliness as it can eliminate the existing bacteria in the water if used properly. It is recommended to have a pH level of 7.2-7.8 partnered with a chlorine concentration not less than 1 ppm for your pools. Moreover, it is best to monitor and regulate the water in your pool at least twice per day if it is being used.

However, this can be a complicated process because you will be dealing with chemical measurements. Fortunately, because of technology, managing your pool water’s sanitation is easier with control systems for pool pH levels. Having an automated control system can accurately handle and monitor your pool water’s pH and disinfectant levels.

Another upgrade for your pool can be the utilization of UV water purifiers. Chlorine can be both beneficial and harmful for homeowners. Despite its ability to clean your pool water, it can also damage the body. Ultraviolet (UV) water purifiers specialize in keeping your pool water’s chlorine levels safe to the touch. This works by releasing high-intensity germicidal light rays that disrupt bacteria, algae, viruses, protozoa, and cysts in your pool and prevent them from further reproduction. This technological advancement is considered the best for effective disinfection since it can be used for both oxidation and sanitation.

Additionally, adding features to your pool can easily be managed by a smartphone or device control. This allows you to access advanced features on your pool like spa elements, lighting, or temperature. For example, when you’re on your way home from an exhausting day at work, and you want to relax and destress in your pool as soon as you arrive home. Having this feature can help you do just that. This upgrades your pool’s functionality and accessibility immensely.

With just a reliable internet connection, pool automation can help make your life way easier and more comfortable. Some functions may include a spa feature that is possible through controlling the valve actuators of your pool. This is best for parties, gatherings, and even just for pampering yourself on a Sunday. If that isn’t enough to convince you to acquire this upgrade, pool automation through your smartphones can be easily installed since these automation systems may only take about two hours to set up.

Benefits of having an advanced pool design

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Primarily, upgrading your pool can lead to a safer and more enjoyable environment if you’re regularly using it with your family. These upgrades can be essential for elders or young children in your family. They lessen the overall risks that home pools have, especially in terms of chemical balance and sanitation. Tech upgrades also affect your mental health since reducing stress levels and taking care of yourself becomes more convenient. With an upgraded pool, you can easily be more active, since swimming is considered a great way to exercise at home.

On top of that, investing in your pool can help you save more money in the future. It can help you avoid pool cleaning and repair expenses, which will cost a lot most of the time. If you don’t keep up with your pool’s maintenance, even small issues can lead to bigger problems that take a lot from your savings.

Lastly, upgrading your pool in terms of aesthetics and design can also enhance your overall enjoyment and satisfaction. Water features like waterfalls, deck jets, or water sconces can add more appeal to your pool. Pair that with LED lights, and your pool will indeed transform into a resort-like setting as it elevates the overall look and ambiance of your backyard. Furthermore, having a stellar sound system installed near your pool can add to your pool’s entertainment factor. This can be great for events or gatherings held at home with your friends and family.

Overall, making the most out of what technology can offer you is a significant step you can take to increase your enjoyment and satisfaction at home. Traditional and old pools may take more time, money, and energy to ensure their functionality. Having a more modern and upgraded pool allows for energy efficiency and safety. It’s time to consider this worthwhile investment.

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