How to Turn Your House Green

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The climate crisis is no joke. It’s as real as it gets. And if global stakeholders do not do something about it soon, its catastrophic effects will become irreversible. While much of the problem is caused by large corporations that make money out of gas, and therefore accountability should be directed towards them if palpable changes are to be had, it will not hurt if you join the fight against climate change as an individual. After all, if those in power won’t have your back, you might as well do what’s in your power to contribute to whatever solution’s feasible via grassroots initiatives.

Begin your green crusade at home. Try out these strategies that will make your house eco-friendly.

Consider green architecture

Have you yet to construct a house? Or are you considering renovating? Check out sustainable home design trends online. You will be surprised by the variety of options at your disposal. Think prefabs. They’re durable and quick to build. Plus, prefab construction creates less waste. You can also look into “cargotecture.” That’s building houses from repurposed cargo containers.

Choose eco-friendly roofing

If you do not have the budget to renovate just yet, but you have enough saved for a home update, consider replacing your roof with something eco-friendly. You might want to look into PVC roof membranes. Their high solar reflectivity means that you can stay cool inside the house during hot months without the AC on full blast. Or maybe without AC at all. You’ll get to save on electricity.

Buy energy-efficient furniture

Whenever you shop for electric furniture, don’t just pick those that look pretty. Prioritize energy efficiency instead. Trust us, you’ll find energy-efficient furniture that’s pleasing to the eye as well. Look for the Energy Star label. That means the product passed rigorous compliance standards in terms of eco-friendliness. You’ll be doing your pocket a favor if you commit to this strategy.

Mind your house’s layout

You can reduce your house’s carbon footprint by simply rearranging its layout. For instance, zero in on your kitchen. You do not want your oven next to the refrigerator. Why you might ask. Because the former heats up while the latter needs to cool down. They’ll be working against each other. And they will be consuming more energy in the process.

solar panels on house roof

Install solar panels

Gone are the days when only the affluent with a soft heart for Mother Nature could afford solar panels. Now, these alternative energy sources are everywhere. Independent manufacturers are now in business. And as basic economics goes, the more supply, the cheaper the product. Therefore, it’s high time you try out solar panels. You can ease yourself into the transition. Suppliers offer a range of options in terms of sizes and wattage. Most of them sell panel packages tailored to specific types of homes.

Segregate waste

Ideally, your house is zero waste. But we all know that the ideal is not always easily done. So, at least, strive for lesser waste. One way to do that is to segregate. Do not throw away those you can recycle and donate. Find an application for those that decompose. For example, you can use them for gardening.

Start gardening

Speaking of gardening, if you have a front or back yard that’s idle, why not turn it into a garden. You can plant herbs and vegetables. That way you’ll have access to kitchen staples without needing to drive to the nearest Walmart. If space is your concern, you can look into alternative gardening techniques like hydroponics.

DIY when you can

Everything you buy has a corresponding carbon footprint. From their rawest form to production to transport, they accumulate carbon footprint. This is where DIY comes in. If you can make it, make it. Do not buy it. You can apply that rule to everything you need in the house.

No one can deny that the climate crisis is real. The facts are here, and they are staggering. For instance, 800 million people worldwide are vulnerable to the cataclysmic consequences of our exponentially heating planet. Whereas the rich and powerful look to outer space for salvation, we mere mortals only have what’s here and now. That’s why if you can, you must adopt lifestyle changes that can contribute to the global effort to fight climate change. Your contribution might seem inconsequential to you but these small things that are done by many people when pooled together add up to something of import. And while you’re at it, learn who’s truly accountable for this problem and rail against them.

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