The Unique Style and Luxury of Persian Rugs

Persian Rugs

Area rugs and accent rugs can make any boring or dull area of a home look more appealing and interesting. Whether it is a contemporary, traditional or modern home, having rugs can create a world of difference. Choosing rugs should be done with the right balance of size, colour, pattern, style and budget.

Finest of All Rugs

Rugs and carpets are often considered as heirloom pieces, much like pieces of art that are commonly hung on the wall. Many homeowners will not allow just anyone to touch or clean their rugs unless they come from a company offering professional carpet cleaning services. This is especially true for people who own rare and luxury Persian rugs.

Persian rugs are Oriental in origin. They are authentic, hand-woven rugs made from camel wool, cotton and silk. Many travellers in Iran, Turkey, Pakistan and India buy them as precious souvenirs.

In the earliest days, these rugs were brought to European soil via the Silk Trade Road and sold by merchants from the caravan. These days, there are also machine woven rugs, but they are ‘authentic’ Persian rugs even if they come from Oriental countries.

Is Your Persian Rug Authentic?

Among the wide range of Oriental rugs, Persian rugs are the most popular and well known. Apart from the fact that is must be hand-woven, it should also come from the ancient city where it was named, and this country is known as Iran today. Persian rugs are intricate works of art that are beautifully handmade. Weavers are skilled with the craft that has been laid-down from generations of rug making.

Persian rugs made from silk threads are hung as wall art in different parts of the word. They are fragile and ornate, making them an ideal focal display in a room. Although they are considered as a type of a rug, something that is made with the delicate Persian silk never feels right to be walked on or laid on the floor.

Antique Persian rugs fetch a great price at auctions because of their age. Some even date back a century or more. These items inherit a lot of history and culture from the period when they were made. Some also hold special meanings and stories.

Is a Persian Rug the Best Choice for Your Home?

Authentic persian rug

Persian rugs have unique styles based around patterns of nature. The patterns are usually from flowers, animals and sometimes symbolic motifs. And because they are hand-woven, weavers have the artistic freedom in creating these unique rugs and leaving their personal touch into them.

The beauty of Persian rugs can bring charm and appeal to an otherwise dull-looking home. These are used to accent the living room and enliven it with its bold and vibrant colours. These rugs also add a touch of elegance to your floors or walls, whichever way you prefer. An authentic Persian rug can last for decades, and it can be a great heirloom piece that the family can lay down to the next generation.

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