Starting a Home Decor Business This 2021? Make Sure You Have These


Do you have a passion for home decorating? If there’s one thing 2020 has taught you, it’s that time can disappear fast. If you want to do something, now is the best time.

Fortunately, too, the demand for home decorations are there. According to, spending for home improvement could have reached an astonishing $439 billion last year, even in the midst of a pandemic.

Meanwhile, Houzz, an online remodeling site, revealed that renovations for bathroom and kitchen could have likely gone up by 40% in 2020.

But like other products, home decors can also follow trends. This 2021, prep your warehouse, invest in a reach forklift rental, and stock up on these items:

1. Luxury Items

Experts believe that the coronavirus pandemic will last for at least another year. While more people may be venturing outside, many will still stay at home most of the time.

They might as well ensure their space is cozy and pleasurable. For this reason, the demand for luxury items could go up in 2021.

Because these products are expensive from the get-go, sellers can focus on the essentials first:

  • Comforters and duvets made of goose down
  • Bedsheets with a high thread count
  • Back-friendly, properly ventilated mattresses
  • Sofa throws made of Sherpa fleece

2. Pantone Colors

Last December 2020, Pantone released the colors of the year: illuminating yellow and ultimate gray. Although they are contrasting shades, they stand for optimism and strength — two values the world needs desperately these days.

Since Pantone colors are often the guides of designers and artists, more likely, they will find their way into homes. As a supplier of home decors, therefore, consider adding items of these shades to your collection. You might also want to buy products of different gradients of yellow and gray to allow customers to play around with hues.


3. Candles

Homeowners are introducing candles into their space. In fact, according to Grand View Research, the global market size for this product had already reached over $3 billion in 2018.

The demand must have likely increased in 2020. With people cooped up for long periods, stressed and burned out, aromatic candles could have helped create a more relaxing ambiance.

However, sellers need to be choosy with these products. The most lucrative options are organic candles, which are usually made of soy or beeswax, since consumers think of them as more environment-friendly and safer for their health.

4. Sustainable Products

Speaking of environment-friendly, it turns out that sustainability can pay off handsomely. In one study among buyers in Asia, Europe, and North America, over 80% believed it is important that brands make eco-friendly packaging.

In another study, this time by Futerra, at least 85% wanted to make a difference in the world. About 96% felt that buying ethical products could help them achieve this objective.

Home decorating vendors can also embrace sustainability by offering:

  • Products sourced ethically (not from sweatshops or companies that underpay employees)
  • Goods that may come from local crafts shops
  • Wooden furniture and fixtures
  • Metallic products, such as steel frames or sculptures
  • Items wrapped in eco-friendly packaging, particularly paper
  • Eco-friendly packages such as beeswax wrappers or boxes from recycled paper
  • Recycled or repurposed furniture pieces

5. Storage or Organization Bins

Washington Post once cited how the pandemic is inspiring—or perhaps also forcing—homeowners to declutter. For instance, according to the report, waste removal companies experienced a surge of demand for their service.

This trend is likely to continue in 2021 as people continue to streamline their possessions or live to the adage of “out with the old, in with the new.” Thus, selling storage and organization bins could be a big hit this year.

Offer storage options of various sizes. Focus on items ideal for the bedroom, living room, and kitchen. These are often areas where clutter is the worst.

6. Versatile Desks and Chairs

This 2021, the need for versatile essentials, such as tables and chairs, may remain. For one, many companies may still implement work-from-home policies. Others may have made it permanent. Several Americans still live in compact homes, and they require multifunctional or multipurpose pieces.

What kinds of desks and chairs should home decor businesses offer? Options include:

  • Ergonomic sit-stand desks, which provides flexibility and promotes proper posture for the user
  • Leaf tables that don’t occupy a lot of space but can still function as a full dining table when needed
  • Chairs with enough storage underneath

Because of 2020, more homeowners realize what their space is missing or doesn’t need. They also learn how to transform their property to make it more suitable to their preferences. As a home decor seller, you can capitalize on these changes by offering curated products.

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