Small Space? No Problem! Here Are Techniques for Maximising Your Room

Kitchen and living room of an apartment

Small home space is fairly common nowadays as you try to save on rent expense. However, that doesn’t mean you have to squeeze through every hallway. Here are some tips that can help create a larger feel to a smaller home.

Get a sliding door

You can purchase a sliding barn door hardware in Australia and use it to replace traditional “swing open” type doors. Swing type doors render the immediate space behind the door to be unusable for anything — which can make a small room feel even smaller.

With a sliding panel to close and open rooms; however, every available space is made good use of without losing the benefit of privacy doors. Talk to a firm that offers sliding doors and commercial door hinges.

Use as much natural light as you can

There’s something about natural light that makes small rooms feel bigger. Perhaps it’s the sense that the rooms are actually just a continuation of the outdoors — thereby making you feel as though you’re not really cramped in a limited space.

Opt for clear windows and if you’re keen on curtains, keep them light and transparent so the sun rays can peep in. This can also help you save on future light costs during the summer.

Declutter your living space often

Be very selective about what you allow inside your home and make a point of decluttering often. You want to get rid of items that are never used or provide the same service as another item you already have.

You might want to check out the Marie Kondo style of approaching minimalism so that you can limit your possessions only to the bare essentials.

Take advantage of multi-function furniture

Warehouse with sofasIn small homes, you can never have enough storage space for various knick-knacks. Buy furniture that offers this extra function such as ottomans that can be opened for added space. Use beds that have storage space under the panel or perhaps have tables and chairs with extra compartments.

Use vertical space as much as possible

If you can get away with hanging something on the wall — do it. Vertical space is often unutilised in many homes, but if you do your research, you might be surprised at how much it can be repurposed to fit specific storage needs.

Books, televisions, speaker sets, knives, tools, and others can all be accommodated by a vertical compartment. This not only makes them easier to access but also leaves you with enough floor area.

Opt for an open space design

Walls are out of style nowadays as open spaces have become the norm. The living room, patio, and dining room are often part of one big space — allowing for a better moving area. You can slightly alter the design for each portion of the house to create some definition but keep them streamlined for a lighter feel.

Of course, those are just some of the ways you can make the most out of a small living space. As you get used to your environment, you can think up new techniques to make that small area feel larger.

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