Keep Your Wooden Floor’s Charms with Refinishing and Proper Maintenance

There’s nothing warmer and homelier than a wonderfully finished wooden floor. Its natural charms remind you of traditional homes in the countryside. While more and more homeowners today prefer modern and contemporary designs that heavily use architectural themes and cold-looking materials, wooden floors remain a warm and rustic reminder that natural materials can be uniquely beautiful.

The beauty of hardwood, however, may fade over time. When used as a flooring solution, it is subject to everyday foot traffic and other elements that can ruin its charms. While it is finished with quality materials, it is still prone to stains and scratches.

Wooden Floor Refinishing

Fortunately, wood flooring can be refinished to bring back its beauty. Refinishing is the application of a new layer of finish that helps highlight the natural color and grains of the wood. The process is not as simple as that, though. According to companies offering wood floor refinishing services in Kansas City, the flooring must be sanded first. It is done to remove the old finish that is often worn-out and dull-looking, leaving the bare planks. Contractors use special tools to make the task faster and the result uniform.

After sanding, the wooden floor has to be cleaned thoroughly. Dust should be removed along with other dirt and debris to prepare the area for the new finish. Once the floor is spotless clean, the contractor will apply the new layer of finish using long-handled rollers. The fresh coat has to be left to dry before you can use the treated area.

Wooden Floor Maintenance

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Proper care and maintenance are needed to keep your wooden floors looking great for a long time. Keep in mind that cleaning wooden floors is different from cleaning concrete, tiled, or any other type of flooring. Preserving the unique and interesting details of the natural material is key to making it stay charming for many years.

So what is the best way to clean hardwood floors? Use a slightly wet mop when cleaning. A soaking wet cleaner is a big no-no because the dirty water may penetrate the coat and simply cause stains on the wood. Make sure that there is no solid debris that can scratch the floor. When dealing with stains on the surface, use mild cleaning solutions that are suitable for finished or stained wood. Make sure that the product does not contain any harsh ingredient that may deteriorate the finish.

Another important thing to remember when cleaning your floor is to follow the grain. Sweep or mop the floor according to the board’s grain. This makes dirt removal more effective and faster. In addition, doing so helps keep the natural pattern of the grains, maintaining their charm and uniqueness.

Taking good care of your wooden floor may require meticulous care and maintenance, but they are all worth it. Hardwood flooring is beautiful and long-lasting. It adds character to your home and lasts for many years. It can significantly improve your property’s resale value. This is why it’s important to preserve your wooden floor by giving it the necessary care and refinishing once in a while. As a last piece of advice, look for a reliable wood flooring contractor that can help you with your floor care and maintenance. It pays to have someone to call when your floor needs a repair or refinish or when you need new floor installation.

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