How Much Should You Spend on Sewer Line Repair

sewer pipes being repaired

Homeowners usually spend between $980 and $4,600 on fixing a damaged sewer line in Indianapolis. Sewer repair servicefees for most people usually cost $2,790 depending on the problem.

Some factors such as connecting the line to city sewer after fixing it may increase your actual expenses. You may have to spend from $500 to $20,000 for this added service. The city government will decide on the subsidy amount. If you need to replace the sewer, the average cost ranges between $50 per foot and $200 per foot.

Cost of Repairs

Average prices in Indianapolis may be the same for other contractors in Marion County, although rural and suburban homeowners should expect to pay a lower price due to the cheaper cost of living than in the city. Take note that hiring a general contractor for repairs will increase your total bill by at least $335. The average rates may not include permits, inspection fees, and the cost of materials and supplies.

The type of repair will also determine the overall expenses. A diagnostic test is often required before solving the problem. Video inspection and the dig-and-locate method comprise the two common tests. The latter may cost from $480 to $640, while the former can range between $169 and $460. If you need to fix a cracked pipe, you may need to spend at least $50 per linear foot.

Tree roots are a common issue and you can spend up $450 per foot to remove them. These two problems are often related as cracks allow tree roots to find their way into the pipes.

Other Types of Problems

Man using a plunger to clear a plugged toilet

Clogged pipes are another common type of sewer line problem. Repairs for blocked main lines will cost at least $300 on average. The type of equipment such as a manual or electric plumber’s snake will also contribute to the total fee. It may cost up to $850 to unclog the main sewer line if the problem is left unsolved for too long.

You may have a blocked sewer line if you notice a backed-up toilet or bathtub. A foul and rotten smell coming from your backyard also indicates a potential problem. This can also explain the sudden infestation of pests like cockroaches or rodents, which are attracted to debris coming from your broken or cracked sewage lines.

Repair or Replace?

Some types of repairs don’t require a full replacement of the sewer system. You may need a full replacement for extensively collapsed pipes, but ask the contractor about any implications of tearing your ground. Homeowners may choose to install trenchless sewers if they dislike the idea of a full excavation, which can ruin their landscaping.

If your sewer line repair costs more than half the price for a replacement, then it might be better to choose the latter to save money over the long term. A licensed and insured plumber will be more qualified to decide whether to fix or replace it. It’s better if you compare quotes from at least three different companies before you choose a contractor.

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