How Much Should You Spend in Florida for Vinyl Fence Installation?

Getting a fence for your home is one of the best things that you could do since it serves a number of purposes. One of these is an appeal, and another one is security, so keep these details in mind when choosing the perfect fence. Depending on the layout and color of your house, you could pick a black composite fence, although this is a color that can work with practically any other color. If you’re unsure about the way to proceed, you can check online to get some ideas.

If there are homes similar to yours that have black composite fence panels, you can get a great idea of what they’ll look like if you install them. If you want a high-end fence that will give your home a luxurious feel. Find out from the fence contractor with whom you work what they recommend along these lines. You can also find out about high privacy fences if you want to maximize your home’s privacy. This will be a worthwhile investment to make, so take your time to do the research that you need to do. Settle for something that you’re sure will give you the outcome that you want so that it’s a good investment.

The price of professional vinyl fence installation in Tampa, FL and other parts of the state could fall within the national average of around $3,560 this year.

There are several factors that will determine the actual cost of installation for your home. It’s possible to spend just below $2,000 for a vinyl fence depending on the type of materials, which will mainly dictate the total cost of installation. Keep an eye on which kind of materials that you plan to use since you could spend up to $5,000 for a single installation.

Choosing a Fence

You should ask yourself whether a picket fence is enough, or privacy fencing is more ideal. Picket fence prices normally cost at least $20 per linear foot, while privacy fences cost $40 per linear foot. If you wish to improve the curb appeal of your home, a picket fence should be your choice. This is the most popular type for different reasons such as creating a physical boundary between the garden and street, or provide pets and children with a safe place for playtime.

On the other hand, privacy vinyl fences do more than just hide your home’s façade. It also reduces the noise level from the outdoors, which is perfect for those who live in a busy street. The standard height of privacy fences measure six feet, but it could be taller based on your own preference. When in doubt, consult a service provider to pick the better choice between the two options.

Ask for at least three quotes from different contractors to compare the best rates, as the cost of labor varies among service providers. The usual rates range between $35 and $40 per hour for installation and clean up. Be sure to hire within your area, as some professional charge extra for traveling to distant locations.

Pros and Cons

man washing vinyl

Like any other type of fencing, there are certain benefits and drawbacks for using vinyl. For instance, installing vinyl is much easier if you compare it against wooden fences. There’s also a lot more design options for vinyl from style to the choice of colors. While some people would say that wood looks better, you should consider a vinyl fence if you want a low-maintenance option.

Wood tends to fade and lose its vibrant color, so homeowners would have to apply a new coat of paint now and then. Vinyl doesn’t decay as well unlike wood, and this is why even ranchers choose this type of fencing for their farms. It could last for up to 10 years depending on the material you choose.

The main drawback of vinyl is perhaps the higher upfront cost of installation than wood. But, considering that vinyl is long lasting and almost maintenance-free, the extra cost could be a worthwhile expense.

While it’s possible to install a fence by yourself, it’s better to hire a contractor especially if you plan to build a privacy fence. Choose a contractor in your area that has been in the business for more than 10 years.

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