Ideas for Entrepreneurs: Home Improvement Businesses

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Home improvement is a field that will always see customers. Every person who owns a home will need some type of home improvement service in the course of living in the house. Whether your tastes run to style-based decorative improvements or you are technically inclined, there is a niche out there that you can fill.  

There so many ways to enter into the home improvement business. You can curate antique furniture from your own home, buy a closet design business franchise, or offer specialized landscaping services.  

Take the time to research the costs of entering each avenue of business and identify any training and certifications you will have to go through. This will require a bit of time and financial investment from you, but it will help to facilitate getting customers with more ease. People trust experience, but they will be drawn to certifications and credentials.                


The carpentry business covers everything from building to repair. You can build items according to specifications or provide maintenance for antique or treasured furniture pieces. There is also repair of broken furniture or renovation services. You could also provide assessments for new buyers about the structural integrity of potential homes.  

If your interests lie in more creative and artistic expressions, the restoration of historical buildings is a high-paying field. It will value the skill and detail-oriented efforts.  

Cabinet Making  

You can take your carpentry skills and specialize in cabinet making. The cabinet-making business is better in some ways as it is a support service to contractors. They will find the work and hire you to build the cabinets for them so you do not have to deal directly with customers.  

Homes and businesses are constantly being remodeled and renovated and you can count on steady business once you showcase your attention to detail and good quality workmanship.  

Carpet Cleaning  

Carpets regularly need a deep cleaning to recover from the wear and tear of everyday life and it is not an easy task for people to do by themselves. Both homes and businesses need carpet cleaning services and you can easily find many avenues to advertise yourself. Set up a website and a social media page and utilize ads and blog content to reach customers.  

Alternatively, offer your services to a rental agency and have them send the jobs your way.  

carpet cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning  

This is very similar to the carpet cleaning but you will require more specialized equipment. The equipment used on upholstery can be used on cars and boats as well, so you can branch out and offer a range of services that will take you to many interesting locationsSales ability and customers service are very important in this line as you want to make a good impression. This will help to spread the word about your services by word of mouth and guarantee you return business.  

Cleaning Services  

This is a business which you will find gives you more clients than you can handle in a short amount of time. People are busy, and they have a lot on their plate and are happy to outsource one big chore to reduce their responsibilities.  

You can choose to clean residential homes or commercial businesses. Commercial businesses will require more manpower and time. But you can enter into contracts that guarantee a steady paycheck and work. Residential homes are small and easier to clean but you may meet people who try to negotiate the price or complain about services to get free services or reduced prices.  

This is a job that requires an eye for detail and long work hours so make sure you choose the path that will be the least oppressive for you.  

Building Decks  

Summer is coming soon and many people are going to begin wanting to have a deck added to their homes. This is a good way to combine your carpentry and design skills. You can offer deck-building expertise, patio design, and outdoor electrical work.  

This is a good area for people who enjoy working outdoors and working with their hands but it will require a lot more customer interaction. You will need to have a website so customers can find you but will also need to find other ways such as advertising in magazines or on TV to make sure that the local community knows of your business.

There is a lot of work to be had in specialized technical fields. Electricians, plumbers, and HVAC technicians are always in demand and depending on the state, can command any price they want. It might be worth your while to sign up for classes at the local community college to learn these skills. This will bring you into touch with other students like you who are dedicated to building a business as well as with working technicians who you can befriend to build a network.

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