Hiring the Right Professionals for Mold Removal

You’ve finally bought your dream house in Denver! You are obsessed with cleaning it every day and making sure that it looks pristine and smells fresh. Until you spotted that ugly discoloration in your shower. According to NCBI, there are about 100,000 fungal species on the planet, and some of them are in your kitchen, bath, walls, or ceiling.

Mold does not only ruin your home’s aesthetics; it also compromises your family’s health. If you have a weak immune system, you will be exposing yourself to danger when trying to solve a mold problem on your own. You will need a mold removal expert to help you stop the mold growth and make sure that it will not come back. The mold industry is generally unregulated, so make sure to evaluate the credentials of your prospective mold professional. Here are some helpful guidelines to consider when choosing the right mold buster:

1. Experience in mold removal

You might find it a little convenient to hire the handyman you see in your neighborhood carrying a small box with tools. But don’t let this short-lived convenience hinder you from hiring a reputable professional. You should contact a company that has proven expertise and years of experience in mold remediation services. Most of these companies have a website, a physical address, and professional contractors. Referrals from your family and friends are also great candidates.

2. License and insurance

Mold can cause health risks that range from a mild headache to severe asthma. You don’t want to shoulder the liability in case the contractor suffers from these unfortunate circumstances while on duty. Uninsured contractors might cause you more significant problems than mold.

3. Free estimate and evaluation

mold removal

Legit mold removal companies will evaluate the mold growth in your home and give you a free estimate on how much the remediation will cost. Depending on the mold growth and damage, companies will charge you from $2000-$6,000. But severe cases of molds might cost up to $10,000.

4. Complete and specialized equipment

Removing mold is not as simple as removing a stain. Mold reproduces through tiny spores that spread through the air. That is why cleaning it on your own might worsen the contamination instead of solving the problem. Legit mold professionals are complete with tools and industry-tested equipment that will ensure your safety while saving your home from mold. These tools include moisture meters, infrared cameras, hygro-thermometers, particle scanners, instant swab tests, tape lifts, borescopes, and personal protective equipment for the safety of the mold professionals.

5. Treatment Protocol

Mold remediation is not a single process. It involves a series of steps to ensure that the job is effectively done. These steps include assessing the mold growth, sealing off the water source, creating a remediation plan, calculating the extent of contamination, cleaning and disinfecting, and testing the air after the mold removal. It’s best to ask questions about this protocol before you seal the deal.

You want to protect your home, so you are eager to remove huge mold colonies. But you have to prioritize your health. Hire a professional who will save your home from mold without risking your family's safety. 

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