Furnace Repair and Troubleshooting Tips You Need to Know

If your furnace decides to take a snooze, don’t sweat it. There are some easy tips to troubleshoot and fix that bad boy. For instance, if your heater turns on and blows air but no heat, it might be clogged up. Replace your air filter every three to six months to keep things flowing smoothly.

On the other hand, if your heater isn’t working, there are a couple of things to check first. Set your thermostat to heat and the fan to auto.

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Then, check the breaker box to ensure the furnace breaker hasn’t tripped. New heaters have safety switches that turn them off if something’s wrong.

Whenever that switch trips, the heater shuts down for up to an hour. Each time this happens, it flashes lights to show an error code. Look in your heater manual to see what each code means. A heater that doesn’t require furnace repair pulls air through a heat exchanger. Doing so ensures all the smoke goes outside when the heater burns stuff to make heat. If this fan isn’t working, check the motor.

Next, a switch determines whether there’s enough airflow to eliminate the smoke. The heater might not turn on if this switch isn’t functioning normally. Then, power gets sent to a hot component that lights the burners. If this part doesn’t light up, it might need replacement. When it glows, the gas valve opens, and the burners ignite. If there’s no flame, check the gas valve to make sure it’s on.


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