Five Myths About Fiber Optic Cables, Debunked

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If your business relies heavily on an internet connection, you need to upgrade your hardware and cables constantly. The problem is that some people are hesitant about using fiber optic cables, which are currently the most efficient cables, because of the misconceptions that surround them.

Myth #1: Fiber optic cables are fragile

Some people who have probably done a little research on fiber optic cables think that these cables are fragile and will break easily because of one component: glass. But the glass strands in these cables are actually very small and thin — even thinner than a human hair.

They are also grouped with other strands that the result is a cable that’s stronger than the older copper counterpart. In fact, fiber optic cables are so durable that they can survive extreme weather conditions. It’s the reason servers are encased in highly durable enclosure systems like what SPC and other companies build.

Myth #2: Fiber optic cables are expensive

They may have been expensive when they first came out, but since more and more companies are turning to fiber optic cables, the price tag has definitely come down. Also, what’s great about fiber optic cables is that they are easier to maintain. Since fiber optics use light to transmit signals, they tend to last longer than other cables that use electricity.

Myth #3: Fiber optic cables don’t bend

Some people think that because fiber optic cables are sensitive, they can’t be bent and so, they are useless in corners. But fiber optic manufacturers have made several advancements in the durability of these cables.

In 2007, they were able to build insensitive cables, which are tougher than their predecessors. After the insensitive cables were introduced, the multimode cables were also introduced. These are even much tougher than the former. So, don’t believe in the myths anymore that a fiber optic cable is no good when you need to run a cable around a corner.

Myth #4: Fiber optic cables are dangerous

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If the people who perpetuate this myth only take the time to learn more about fiber optic cables, then they would know right away that these cables are very safe. For starters, fiber optic cables use light instead of electricity when they transmit signals, so there’s a lesser chance of your wires heating up through years of usage.

This means that they are also less prone to starting fires unlike copper cables. Since fiber optic cables don’t heat up as much as copper cables, you can even place sensitive equipment near them and they will be fine.

Myth #5: Fiber optic cable installation is tedious

When fiber optic cables were new, it was difficult to install them because people had to install terminations by hand. The connectors had to be polished too, which took some time. But advancement in technology has made it easier to install these cables.

So, if you want your business to keep up with the times and all of your computer systems working perfectly, switch to fiber optic cables. They are fast, reliable, and surprisingly affordable.

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