Essentials to Prepare Your Workplace for Summer

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Before you know it, summer is here with its dreaded heat waves and long work days. If you are not prepared for it, it can take you by surprise, wreaking havoc in your workplace and causing costly delays. But it doesn’t have to be this way. These are some steps you can take to make your business or workplace ready for the worst of summers.

Assess all sources of risk

The intense heat can lead to unforeseen circumstances for which it is best to always be prepared. Make a list of all the possible sources of risk that your business faces. If you employ outdoor construction workers, think about doubling down on first aid training in ways to deal with heat strokes. Make sure that you have first aid supplies on board at all times.

Summer is also a prime time for fire-related accidents. Most workplace fires take place in July. To minimise chances of electrical short circuits or other accidents, make sure that you carry out your yearly fire risk assessment before the season starts. Have the proper equipment to deal with fires.

Pay attention to the comfort of your employees

The workplace loses productivity if the temperature is too high or too low. Try to ensure that a stable temperature between 20 to 24 degrees Celsius is maintained in the office; this is when employees are most productive. Workplaces also tend to get stuffy during hot and humid workdays. To ensure that no sudden disruptions to the working environment occur, check if your HVAC system is in working order. This might entail making sure that the filters are clean and that parts that need replacement have been replaced. If necessary, schedule maintenance visits before the worst of the heat starts.

Be more energy-efficient

We often think that the only way to deal with summer heat is to blast the air conditioner. But there are other steps you can take to ensure that your business is operating in an energy-efficient way. This not only cuts costs but also aids your cooling system and helps keep your business in compliance with environmental guidelines. Even small steps go a long way in ensuring efficiency. You can use window blinds to keep the rooms cooler or set up flexible work hours so that the employees can come in and leave earlier.

Take advantage of the heat

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It’s not all gloom and doom in the summertime. Summer is a great time to get all the housework done. This means that carpeting and flooring can be taken out, pest infestations treated, and outdoor painting carried out. A few sunny days in a week can be enough to air out the office and give it a new feel. This is also a great time to revamp office green spaces, either by maintaining a garden or simply by introducing potted plants that will thrive in the sunlight and lift up the mood of the workroom.

With enough preparation, risk assessment, and mitigation plans in place, summer can be a great time for team building in the workplace. So get these tasks done ahead of time. Pop those after-work beers open when you are free of worries.

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