Essential Ideas When Choosing the Right Rugs for Your Home

Historically, carpets and rugs have been a prized commodity for hundreds of years; even the entirety of North America was mapped out by explorers. Hunters from all walks of life would venture towards the cold forests of the north-eastern seaboard to hunt for prized pelts that would become carpets. In some cases, these hunters would have to put themselves in harm’s way to get some of the prized pelts needed for carpets.

Nowadays, carpets and rugs don’t necessarily have to be made from animal pelt to feel good. In fact, most carpets can be easily manufactured in facilities around the world. Whether it’s velvet, Saxony, shag, and cable, there are a variety of different textures and fabrics that you can choose from.

However, the process of buying carpets isn’t as simple as it seems; there are just so many choices that you have to make. But even though there are many carpets, it’s still possible to choose the “perfect” carpet with proper research on the fabric, the texture, and how the hue of the carpet will affect your home’s interior surroundings.

Factors o Consider

When it comes to getting the right carpet, there are a variety of things that you will need to weigh in on. Here are some important factors that will be your stepping stones when choosing the “perfect” carpet for your home.


It’s not just the texture of the carpet that you will need to focus on; you’ll also need to focus on the texture of your interior’s surroundings. Does your living room feature hard surfaces? You might want a carpet that can contrast the hard surfaces or a firm carpet that will complement the theme of your surroundings.

fluffy white carpet


Fabric isn’t just something that will give your carpet its identity, but this will also be a deciding factor in cleaning your carpets in the near future. Dust, pet dander, and particles can easily cling to your carpet; this is especially true for those that are made of thick fabric and fur. In fact, several pounds of soil and particles can easily accumulate on carpets if they are not given proper care and attention. Fortunately, carpet cleaning services are efficient in ensuring that your carpets are in pristine condition.


Lastly, the quality of the carpet will play a major role in its lifespan. When people are zooming in and out of the room, they’re bound to step on the carpet, and pounds of dirt and particles can easily get stuck on the carpet. If you’re not too attentive, this could easily ruin your carpet. A high-quality carpet will often last longer.

Making a Decision

Now that you know what some factors that you might want to look for are, you can start making a decision based on what you’ve weighed-in on. If you’re still a bit confused, here are some criteria that will narrow down your decision.

  • It’s important to look into the design and decide what style will work for you and your interiors. It might be overwhelming seeing hundreds of different carpets and rugs around, but you can try narrowing it down towards the few styles that you have a preference for. Each carpet style will usually have its own advantages and drawbacks, so you might have to weigh in on the quality of each style.
  • You mustn’t rely solely on the aesthetic appeal of each carpet. While appearance does take up a good amount of the criteria, it’s not the be-all-end-all factor. Carpets generally have a lifespan, and you will need to be fully aware of they are constructed. Staining and soiling can often damage such carpets — especially when visitors come from outside the house.
  • If it’s possible, you should take some samples home. Even though you’re confident that the color of the carpet might work with the interiors, you will be able to get a more realistic expectation of what the carpet looks like in different lighting styles and hues. Of course, you might want to ask the establishment if they have a sample for you to take home.
  • Most of the time, people will tunnel vision on the price of the product, especially when these carpets are on sale. It’s important to think of the quality of the product rather than just the price. When you impulse buy, you might regret it when you haven’t researched it.

You’ll need to keep in mind different factors when you want to find the perfect carpet. Before you do go carpet-hunting, it’s still important to do some much-needed background research on what would work with your home’s interior design. After all, you want everything to harmonize.

Ultimately, it boils down to your personal preference on the matter. You don’t necessarily need to follow all of these steps. But if you’re quite keen on ensuring that all the elements of your home will work in tandem with each other, then you should take your time. Remember: interior design is a meticulous process, and when you’re buying a new carpet, that carpet will be a part of your home for years to come.

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